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Superior Media – Håkan Skyracer´s Toyota Corolla

Yeah yeah det må vara ett gammalt klipp.. Men en AE86 blir aldrig gammal.. Och nu värmer vi upp inför Elmia 2013!

Håkan Skyracer´s Toyota Corolla from Superior Media on Vimeo.

Corolla eller AE86?
Japans Volvo 240?
Sushi eller Tofu?
Vad är Tofu?
Är farsan en alkis eller inte?
Den tecknade serien eller filmen?

Vad svarar ni?

Läs mitt gamla inlägg om denna JDM-Klassiker här-

Toyota familjeporträtt

30in30 – #12: Pierre och Micke återvänder —> Klipp från 2011 (Patrik Ljungs ”Volvette”)

En sak vi kan gå ut med som inte kommer som någon överraskning, är att SIR PIERRE och Micke_J återvänder som värdar för ”Superior-TV” som vi körde förra årets mässa. Vi tänkte släppa ett litet klipp från förra året på Patrik Ljungs Volvo V70 ”Volvette”: Detta visar vilken torr och segdragen humor ni har att se fram emot. Men vi lovar att även använda våra mer pålästa sidor när vi redovisar vissa byggen. 😉 Allt faller inte alla i smaken, men vi hoppas Superior-TV ändå bidrar med en liten inblick i det breda utbud som finns på BILSPORT PERFORMANCE AND CUSTOM SHOW 2012! Beskrivning: På alla möjliga bilevent vi bilentusiaster är på så lurar polisen runt hörnet. Under Elmia förra året så nöjde dom inte sej med det, utan befann sig även mitt i smeten inne på mässan?! Försöker dom ”smälta in” med oss? Var det ett sätt att visa att dom (tror) de är en del av oss? Eller att markera att vi inte blir av med dom oavsett vart vi vänder oss? Att Polisen finns överallt? Micke och Pierre på Superior-TV tittade närmare på Polisens egna bidrag i ett *oklippt* Superior-TV klipp med glimten i ögat.   Superior-TV: Patric Ljungs ”volvette” @ Elmia 2011 from Superior Media on Vimeo. PS. Skämt åsido tillhör bilen som

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sagt Patrik Ljung och lyder under namnet ”Volvette” = Volvo V70 med Corvette LS1 motor. Ni kan läsa mer om den på hans FACEBOOK SIDA (KLICKA!).

VIDEO: 100 seconds of VW ”Up” and (not so) Smart @ Frankfurt IAA 2011!

Carrying away from the more insightful 100 SECONDS OF… CLIPS we have two which are done more ”tongue in cheek” for you.


We are nearly completely done with our coverage of the FRANKFURT IAA 2011 EXPO, so time to bring out clips that takes themselves less seriously (if we ever did, let me know because I doubt it).


To be honest the one about VW new model ”Up” is actually one we are quite pleased with, but you can take the one about the Smart with a grain of salt. I believe it was shot in the latter part of the day = tiredness came and seriousness went away… 😉




Frankfurt IAA Auto Expo 2011 – 100 seconds of Volkswagen Up from Superior Media on Vimeo.


Frankfurt IAA Auto Expo 2011 – 100 seconds of Smart from Superior Media on Vimeo.








Its hard to keep yourself sane when you walk through Italian exotics, enchanting concepts and anything else you can think of except for some small cars that you would hardly give a second look in normal trafic. But we decided to do it anyway since they (well, the Up anyway) were big news. 🙂


…and you know what? Check out THIS LINK to once again go through all the glory that Frankurt IAA 2011 was. Lots of effort put into it by the whole team so worth a second look!

VIDEO: 100 seconds of Mini Cooper S Coupé & The new VW Beetle @ Frankfurt IAA 2011!

Two more smaller cars that from the one we talked about previously today, are for a more ”hipper” crowd perhaps: Mini Cooper ”Coupé” and the almighty world premiered VW Beetle.


We had to make sure to talk a bit about ”normal” cars as well since they make up a huge part of the FRANKFURT IAA 2011 EXPO. I think these two videos turned out better then i remembered them, actually the Mini Cooper one doesnt make much sense- but is still good for seeing more about this new model.


Funny though. With the VW Beetle I seem a bit… rejuvinated or something? Maybe afterall Iam a closet huge Beetle-freak? See the videos and judge by yourself! 😉




Frankfurt IAA Auto Expo 2011 – 100 seconds of Volkswagen Beetle from Superior Media on Vimeo.


Frankfurt IAA Auto Expo 2011 – 100 seconds of Mini John Cooper Works Coupé from Superior Media on Vimeo.








So if you were being forced by your girlfriend (?!) to buy another small car for the house, would any of these two do- or would the Suzuki Swift Sport or Hyundai i30 (new one) be your choice?


Only a handful of clips remaining and we will make a big deal out of it when we are finished, be sure to check them ALL OUT HERE to either make fun of me or just enjoy all the cars from Frankfurt IAA! 🙂

VIDEO: 100 seconds of Suzuki Swift Sport & The new Hyundai i30!

Got more ”normal” cars for you here on the final part of the ”100 SECONDS OF…” SERIES but for most of us, its still of interest since we could very well end up in either a Suzuki Swift Sport or new Hyundai i30 someday. And thats not a ”sad” thing either, most new cars these days are solid and well designed- these two are no exception… We’ve been following the Swift for a few months now and were in high anticipation of the Sport model. When it comes to the Hyundai i30, its deemed as a car that will give big rumbles in this segment- and our lack of motivation to cover it proved wrong = its a damn nice car! VIMEO: Frankfurt IAA Auto Expo 2011 – 100 seconds of Suzuki Swift Sport from Superior Media on Vimeo. Frankfurt IAA Auto Expo 2011 – 100 seconds of Hyundai I30 from Superior Media on Vimeo. YOUTUBE: httpv:// httpv:// So which one is the winner based on this short and confused first insight? I would think its a close draw, but naturally the Swift has a firm advantage since the basemodel is such a great car to drive = can only get better with more HP and gearbox. The Hyundai is still doing its job, for

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the first time I can consider testdriving one; thats coming a long way for them… 😉 See all the CLIPS HERE and we are putting an end to this series early this week. Then we’ll do some fun stuff to encourage feedback from ya’ll. Hope you like some of the CLIPS you’ve seen!

VIDEO: 100 seconds of Ford Evos concept @ Frankfurt IAA 2011!

Feels like we are lost in how many unique and really sharp concepts we’ve seen from FRANKFURT IAA 2011, and I believe its been half a dozen times of ”this could be

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one of our favourites at…” proclamations- but the Ford EVOS concept sure is a Top 5 car without a doubt. Thing that really struck us hard was that it felt very… comfortable and harmonic despite being a haute couture kind of car. Everything from the paint, wheels, lights, doors and going on felt… perfect! Just watch the video and see if you agree? VIMEO: Frankfurt IAA Auto Expo 2011 – 100 seconds of Ford Evo Concept from Superior Media on Vimeo. YOUTUBE: httpv:// Dont be shy with your own opinions, we value them and would like us to join OUR FACEBOOK to do so as well! Make sure to chill out with plenty of similar videoclips from Frankfurt AT THIS LINK!

VIDEO: 100 seconds of Techart Porsche GT Street RS @ Frankfurt IAA 2011

Back on the horse with our ”100 SECONDS OF…” VIDEOCLIPS from the FRANKFURT IAA 2011 EXPO which we are aaalmost done with- but a great mix of videos and a handfull of photogalleries still to go.


This one is for a real beast of a car, the Techart Porsche GT Street RS! You cant dismiss that its got a unique colour, and like I say in the video everything is done with perfection.


It sures takes a tuner like Techart to make a noticable difference of the high quality the 911 already has from factory. But this one does it, and then some. Hope you like it!




Frankfurt IAA Auto Expo 2011 – 100 seconds of Techart from Superior Media on Vimeo.






You know the drill, if you want to zap around all the other ”100 seconds of…” clips we did at the expo, all you need to do is CLICK THIS LINK! 🙂

VIDEO: 100 seconds of Subaru WRX STi ”NRG edition” (Nürburgring special)

Subaru didnt do much noise at FRANKFURT IAA 2011 EXPO, but we still jumped with high enthusiasm when we saw they did bring the Subaru WRX STi ”NRG edition”; which driven by Tommi Mäkinen did sub 8-minute laps of the Nürburgring with just basic tuning done to the car!


This video explain a bit of the ”extra bits” added to make it so quick, and you will be suprised on how few they really are- this should motivate you all for this coming winter in doing your own modifications to improve laptimes in 2012…




Frankfurt IAA Auto Expo 2011 – 100 seconds of Subaru WRX STI from Superior Media on Vimeo.






Even if Tommi Mäkinen is an incredible driver, I think we all need to learn that it doesnt take a supercar to run around the classic ’Ring if your car is balanced and setup well for it. Dont think we will see this ”edition” being available from factory, but its more or less a statement of what potential the new WRX STi has. Message delivered Subaru!


I wish there was more of this and especially Japanese brands overall, but we hope all the news from FRANKFURT are still intriguing you.


Guess for a blog mostly dedicated to the Swedish JDM-scene we can only feel good about mixing it up a bit here in the beggining of fall… 😉

VIDEO: 100 seconds of Brabus CLS Rocket 800 @ Frankfurt IAA 2011

When I mentioned that the DACIA DUSTER had 850HP it was probably among the most powerful cars of the expo. Well, here is another one with German tuner Brabus showing their CLS Rocket 800 which has… yes indeed, 800 ponies and torque well enough for a proper truck under the hood!

The entire Halle 5 was dedicated to the different tuners of the world (mostly German = The elite) and we will share a SELECTED GALLERY (teaser below) with you from that as well as some expertise blogging from SIR_PIERRE. Its just tuning at another planet then we are used to, although there was a lot of common ground to find with a technical manager of Brabus who said it was the same trial and error as with building any other tuned car.

Gotto add that they were utter class at Brabus, and the best honest complement I could give them is still valid: In a hall which has a dozen tuners with plenty of $$$ client cars in their disposal they were the biggest and best with ease. Their closest competitor Carlsson had nothing on them- and thats a fact and not an opinion.

Keep up the good work Brabus, and make sure to watch this video showing the classiest snob with a total meanstreak around. Some quite interesting facts like its 0 – 300km/h time is brought up. Can you guess it before watching the video? 🙂


Frankfurt IAA Auto Expo 2011 – 100 seconds of Brabus from Superior Media on Vimeo.




Cant imagine riding in more class then that, but still feeling confident in what I got as soon as I give it a little push on th gas-pedal anytime a factory supercar rolls up next to me in the autobahn… 😉

See ALL THE CLIPS from the FRANKFURT EXPO 2011 and drop a comment or two, we really appreciate it!

VIDEO: 100 seconds of Jaguar CX16 concept @ Frankfurt IAA 2011

For being one of the most liked concepts of them all by Team A (Martin & Me) we are dissapointed that we couldnt give a better angle of the Jaguar CX16 concept that was at FRANKFURT IAA 2011 EXPO.


Not only that the angle was poor, seems quite obvious that sometimes we were a little bit rushed to make the features (see them ALL HERE) and I couldnt even get the names right at occasions. Ugh… But still worth less then 100 seconds of your time- so check it out!




Frankfurt IAA Auto Expo 2011 – 100 seconds of Jaguar CX16 Concept from Superior Media on Vimeo.






Cant believe we got 17 more of these to show you, this expo was everything we expected in size and things to offer for the eyes…

Hittar du inte vad du söker? Hittar du inte vad du söker?