VIDEO: 100 seconds of Mercedes luxury concept @ Frankfurt IAA 2011!

Coming of the CADILLAC CONCEPT we did a video of, we got another impressive one from Mercedes that has ”luxury in the future” written all over it- so coming from one of the German giants it was a blockbuster indeed in FRANKFURT IAA 2011 EXPO!

I think the best line about this concept was used in the video, that even Lady Gaga would blend in and not look her usual crazy self if she sat in this car. Fun to see a brand very aiming towards more strict and ”business” sort of appeal make both this luxury concept and the A-klasse they also did so wild!


Frankfurt IAA Auto Expo 2011 – 100 seconds of Mercedes Luxury Concept from Superior Media on Vimeo.



I was lucky enough to catch this beast in motion for a few seconds before I was drowned in the crowd that was present during Mercedes mega-pressrelease show, and if this is a hint of how the future might look Iam all for it– sign me up today!

This is the last video feature of the day, in total there is around 30 of them and we gather them all IN THIS POST so you can easily keep track of the action.

Hope you’ve all had a pleasant sunday, and before you go to bed- Lamborghini will give you something to dream about as Martin Persson has a gallery coming… 🙂

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