VIDEO: 100 seconds of Ferrari 458 Spider @ Frankfurt IAA 2011

Lets get this one over with, Ferrari was as always a major attraction at the FRANKFURT IAA 2011 and their stall was always too full for our patience to cope with it- and that even if the only major news was the 458 Spyder (Hardtop actually).


We were in quite a rush here, and did not felt like waiting in line to get a clearer shot- then suddenly the hardtop came off and we wanted to shoot that right away so… meh, not one of our best clips. Maybe just out of entertainment value of my obvious hesitation all the time. 😉




Frankfurt IAA Auto Expo 2011 – 100 seconds of Ferrari 458 Spider from Superior Media on Vimeo.






Doing a re-shoot is for wimps, and the good news is that thanks to AUTOROPA which is Swedens Ferrari dealer #1 we will get a closer look of it anyway.  So don’t want to be unecessarily hard on myself but, forget about this clip and check ALL THE OTHER ”100 seconds of…” we did at Frankfurt instead. 😉


Looking at the list of features like this one still waiting we got some really impressive ones that remain and we are more happy with.

Hope they are scratching the surface on how big and awesome this expo was…

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