#9 Ten of the best: 1932 Ford 5-window coupé with Caravan

The ”Ten of the best” list from the PERFORMANCE AND CUSTOM MOTORSHOW 2012 goes on, and today we have a damn outright charming car that our SELECTED PHOTOGRAPHERS got stuck on, a 1932 year Ford 5-window Coupé with a matching caravan!

Our two boys with immense photo skills, Rani ”RANISFOTO.SE” Giliana with support by Martin ”BILBILDER.SE” Persson picked this as a bit of a surprise from the rest of the bunch, but the color, genuine look and as usual with US-custom builds finish of the car; made it qualify on the list:

We admit this is a step outside our own comfort zone, and encourage our readers to educate us more on what it really is we are looking at.

All we can say is, that as already mentioned; the amount of hours and meticulous work the US-customs car builders put in their projects is second to none. Needless to say, the bright yellow flawless paint wins us over anyway…

If you know the owner of the car, don’t be shy to place comments below.

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