#8 Ten of the best: Richard Klarby VW Golf R

Most of the builds on our SUPERIOR SELECTED ”Ten of the best” list have one thing in common: Build quality, and that they all seem planned out.

Richard Klarby is already considered to be one of Swedens best car painters. His work on Cim Nilssons Toyota Supra in matte orange was a big crowd pleaser last year. So now he decided to trumf it with his VW Golf R:

This Ferrari silver painted beauty rests comfortable on Rotiform wheels and just gives you that feeling that time stands still when you observe the car, trying to find something which is not done to perfection.

Our two SELECTED PHOTOGRAPHERS fancy work with the extra flashes comes at a climax here, capturing the shade of the paint to a 100%:

Rumors have it that Richard has now sold his business, but we can’t expect such a talented guy to stand in one place for too long. This Golf has been rebuilt several times, so maybe its time for  a change and new project.

We can only hope, as quality builds like these are exactly why we created SUPERIOR SELECTED and guys like RANI GILIANA and MARTIN PERSSON shoots these cars.

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