#5 Ten of the best: Nissan S-cargo from Finland with 250kg marshmallow love!

We don’t do fancy and ”hipstermatic” intros for our SUPERIOR SELECTED ”Ten of the best” lists, we just friggin do them.

But for this car there could be an endless amount of flamboyant intros and explanations for why we included it as one of our favorite cars on ELMIA 2012 EXPO. But…

Lets just say there were 250 reasons to pick this car over a bunch of other really fantastic builds:

Yes! That is 250kg of Marshmallows ”dressing up” the car on the ground! And as you can imagine, the owner Jani Lemberg having quite a few ”WTF’s” when he placed the order for all that candy.

But never mind that, as gimmicks is not what sold us in on this car. So what did, its as far from a rough drift or Time Attack car you can come- and lacks all the ultra-modern cool of something from the Hellaflush scene.

The simple reason this joker is on our list is photogenic ability and natural charisma! 

I can’t give any scientific explanation much as I can’t deliver more of the hip clichés, but I will say that if this car does not make you smile- you need to check if you have warm blood flowing through your heart- or maybe you need to find where it was you lost that childish enthusiasm along the way of becoming a stiff grown-up!

Our two SELECTED PHOTOGRAPHERS guilty for these yummy pics had nothing different to say then the above to why they ranked this odd Nissan so high in the rankings.

Simply damn cool” said RANI GILIANA, and collaborating support photographer MARTIN PERSSON had a sick grin on his face as he said ”this is the joker of the bunch” when presenting me their picks. Fair enough!

We wish we could tell you more about the builder of this car, from the short research done online its hard to get a grasp of earlier builds etc. It is equally flattering as it is puzzling when in all honesty, a 14 year old girl could have done the outlining of this project?!

We appreciate the tender break from everything serious though, and hope you enjoy this car as well.

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As you may have noticed if you have followed the TEN OF THE BEST list so far, the number of photos just increased; and will continue to do so for the next four entrants.

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