30in30 – #7: Swedish Powerdrift Series unveiled! *VIDEO*

One of our biggest projects for this coming season is by far to get heavily involved in the Swedish Drifting scene, and to do it in a genuine way that will benefit the sport itself the most.

When we decided to have this ideology for the coming effort invest, SWR MOTORSPORT revealed during early winter they were going to start a drifting series that took place in the middle of the country: Swedish Powerdrift Series!

Swedish Powerdrift Series 2012 – Promo from PG-Media.se on Vimeo.

We quickly hooked up with them, and after months of hard work; things like this promo by PG-MEDIA (with footage from David Skogsby) that launched yesterday- we feel comfortable enough to reveal that at CUSTOM AND MOTORSHOW we will get to the bottom of things thoroughly on how the action will look like in 2012.

Not only will we meet the man behind the series (Peter Sandström), but a lot of people involved in the series such as drivers, sponsors etc.

You can meet them in the B-hall at the expo, with another big profile that we will also make sure to tell you more about in coming ”30 in 30” news ahead of the expos opening!

Keep following OUR FACEBOOK to see how our own team is slowly and with cryptical progress coming along.

You might see a few orange/turquoise cars battling it out in the Powerdrift Series for sure…

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