#3 Ten of the best: Albin Asks Chocolate brown Honda S2000 Turbo

First things first. We are reaching the end of our TEN OF THE BEST list from the BILSPORT ELMIA 2012 EXPO, and we need to thank the two guys who have provided all the cutting edge pics for the series once again.

How to do that you ask? Well, just venture into RANI GILIANAS and MARTIN ”BILBILDER.SE” PERSSONS own Facebook pages and just click ”Like”.

Simple enough ey?

Whats not as simple to give a thorough review, is Albin Asks Honda S2000. But here we go to try and give it some justice in a few pictures and text:

This car was standing with the guys representing CLUB-JDM SWEDEN in the A-hall, and I feel embarrassed to admit I only gave it a few quick looks while rushing to the bathroom nearby a few times at the beginning of the weekend.

Fortunately though, both Rani and Martin catched it very early, and had plenty of time to shoot these a tad bit mysterious but delicious pics to let me know I had to take a closer look:

During the round-up of all the awesome cars we’ve had, this car went from a sleeper on the list; to crashing into the Top 3 in the end- much to the merit of how photogenic it was.

You can’t deny that even if you are not a big fan of chocolate brown metallic paint its still one hell of a grateful color to photograph!

Something that also makes it stand out once you admire these pics, is the bodywork. Albin explained during an interview (will be posted later tonight) that when he got the car, it looked like ”the fenders had gotten widened using a steel pipe” or something.

Now, after he went through them personally and added custom over fenders, its a whole different story:

Combining that with flawless and perfect stance on those wheels, we got ourselves the winner that deserves to be placed this high on this list.

But there is more. Authentic JDM-parts tend to give you a certain swagger that no replica parts can do:

The Powerhouse Amuse front bumper is one thing, hiding that big Intercooler quite casually; because this car is not afraid to admit its boosted.

Under the bonnet we find a full turbo-conversion with a Garrett 30/71R turbine that is capable of feeding air well above 400+HP!

Albin told us that soon after the expo, the mapping will be done and it will definitely have more then enough power to embarrass most cars not only in style- but in performance as well.

(I know those seats have most of you already hooked!)

As mentioned, we have an interview by SIR_PIERRE with Albin Ask coming later tonight. Check out OUR FACEBOOK not to miss that!

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We would like to thank everybody who has shown appreciation for the TEN OF THE BEST series from ELMIA 2012.

The runner-up and ”Superior choice” of the entire expo will be up soon, we are thrilled to finally show you who we picked…!

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