#2 Ten of the best: The Juxtapod Hot Rod – by Mattias LeBeef Andersson

To visit the BILSPORT PERFORMANCE AND CUSTOM MOTOR SHOW means you will get a sample of every possible dish out there within automotive culture. ELMIA 2012 was no exception, and we’ve had some big surprises on our TEN OF THE BEST list thats reaching its end quickly now.

Today we bring you another BIG slice of ”different” and our two SUPERIOR SELECTED photographers RANI GILIANA and MARTIN PERSSON fell head over heels over this one:

This is ”The Juxtapod” and is as much a piece of art as it is a Hot Rod build. In fact, when you browse through the creators HOMEPAGE (CLICK!) you get a feeling its more of the first then latter.

Besides a color that literally sucks you into watching it like the beautiful White Queen from Alice in Wonderland does; it also presents the unique (?) combination of handmade crystal to car building:

I think the definition of artwork and machine is once again more defined towards the first, as it would hurt my aesthetic heart to ever see the engine started up and let these crystal velocity stacks get dirty.

Besides the use of that we also see warm tones of wood coming back reccuringly, everything done at almost ridiculous finish:

We have to be honest and confess Hot Rods as this one is way out of our comfort zone, but our research tells us this is a beautiful bastard of different decades in automotive- with a bit heavier influence from the 60’s.

The chassis itself would be fair to say is a Ford Model AA 1928, and the thing that (was supposed) runs this is a Chevy 348 engine and 350 Gearbox.

Mattias LeBeef Andersson as the builder is exotically named, has together with Ludvif Löfgren built something truly unique; that no cliché can honestly explain.

For the first time in this TEN OF THE BEST series I feel we don’t have enough pictures to do The Juxtapod justice. But hopefully you will FOLLOW THEIR BLOG to get to know it more…

[nggallery id=424]

Tomorrow its time to pick our SUPERIOR CHOICE from the ELMIA 2012 EXPO, and if you have been following THE LIST you know its bound to be something very exciting.

Hit us up at OUR FACEBOOK where we will release some teasing shots of the top ranked build from the expo. You won’t regret it!

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