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Roadtrip: 1000km of old school JDM Nissan DR30 Skyline (Part 1 of 2)!

Getting back to the english vibes here in the Superior-Blog, I would like to share with you my 50% envious 50% painful (for the body) road tip with the newly Swedish registered Nissan Skyline DR30 RS-Turbo done over the past weekend!


This trip came as a blessing from the sky as the old JDM war-machine passed through the mechanical tests with ease, and all those preparations on the tough paperwork made it equally smooth to get it authorized for the Swedish roads legally.


Seeing how summer had long ended, and that we are in typical Swedish fashion really cursed with unpredictable weather- I decided it was my last chance to do something as a car-enthusiast before a long spell where I would lock myself in my office to prepare for 2012.


The hit-list was easy to make up, I had to visit SIR_PIERRE and one of my recently added favorite cities Malmö– thus starting the trip from bottom and up. Then the journey would go upwards, passing Helsingborg and do a grande finale in quality (how do you like the picture below??) kind of photoshoot with Martin BILBILDER.SE Persson, also adding some nice social interaction to finally meet his lady Caroline that he is engaged with.



Then we would do a quick sprint past a quite impressive garage a few customers have filled with JDM-cars to then finish the trip in Växjö at Superior Workshop Syd (where the Skyline will do its winter sleep and get plenty of love).




I love going away, who doesn’t? But no matter how well you prepare it always seem to be something getting in the way. This time though it was just a matter of patience, as the ugly unpredictability of Swedish climate had made everything frozen and slippery outside early morning. But starting the journey 1.5 hours later made everything fine even for a car running on some very old Bridgestone summer tries.


The demons of doubt in how a 30 year old car we so far have spent no more then 20km behind the wheel of would do on a road trip this long made the first 100km quite tense and nervous. ”Would the main engine-bearings suddenly die” and desperate thoughts like that plagued my mind, and I think I spent 75% looking at the different meters that show temperature/pressure and only 20% on the road.




But after that and a first pit stop which with some additional tuning to the tires air-pressure (we make it sound advanced!) and checking the oil etc… Things finally loosened up a bit. I knew that if it would last this far, not doing anything stupid would probably make it last the entire trip.


img_0881Oh yeah, the rest of my attention if you got the math above to just 95% was to setup a good playlist on the phone to endure the monotonic sound a 4 cylinder FJ20ET engine makes; coupled with a fully stripped from sound-deadening material chassis.


Its not pretty for the ears, so Deadmau5 beats surely helped to endure it. Also had to give in to some odd craving of eating a ”Angry Whopper” and at occasions really felt as a thing were going on in true Charlie Sheen ”winning” style!


Not going to get into detail on how the 600km passed by, it was just… free of trouble and liberating. The only fail was that we couldn’t get the schedule to work with meeting up with our #1 carbon and racing products (MajoR Aero) guy Mr. MA.


(I later found out as the Skyline was riding with others, that the speedometer showed 20km/h less then it should. Go figure that it took ages despite thinking we were running hardcore!)


Finally arriving in Malmö and at the ever so generous in hospitality SIR_PIERRE (you should read his blog if you are a bro’ and love women, cars, gadgets, luxury etc) we took our time to chill down a bit and met another cool dude in the mythically hyped Patrik.


He really knew his shit on many subjects- plus that he was riding a really sick trike which caught my eye too. Has anyone seen this kind of… bicycle (?!) before?!


Anyway, he advised us to a nice Italian place which in combination with the drinks afterwards really gave us a good nights sleep. Really want to thank Pierre for this, he is a real gentleman who despite his flashy habits (try and make out what that sucker is wearing on his arm…) is extremely down to earth and a hell of a genuine guy.




Too bad he hides it way too often and loves to mess around with the typical ”mellow milk” kind of people we have here in Sweden. My #1 advice when it comes to this man is… take it with a grain of salt and just love him! 😉


All in all, a great success as some funny character might have said about this entire day! And I was almost embarrassed about how few problems this old whip gave me, even the milage seemed fantastic going just over 1 litre on 10km. Someone up there must really like these old Skylines…


…and thats where we stop and announce that next is where Martin BILBILDER.SE Persson comes into the picture; and you will know more about how the header pic in this post came about.


Still hoping you enjoy some blogging about social life that comes with the lifestyle here at the Superior-Blog… 🙂

JDM-dröm uppfylld: Nissan Skyline DR30 Turbo RS-X på väg hem!

Ni som följt VÅRAN FACEBOOK (GILLA OSS!) vet att jag teasat lite om en gammal japansk bil som vi nyligen köpt DIREKT I JAPAN till oss själva. Well, its official; Nissan Skyline DR30 Turbo RS-X är modellen vi slog till på!



Vet inte hur mycket man ska romantisera detta, men fy sjutton så roligt det känns personligen att äntligen göra mer än bara ”predika” om hur folk borde satsa mer på det grymma gamla pärlor som finns i fjärran öst.


Denna modell är nog rätt så underskattad utanför Japan, men vi som sett bl.a. ”Super silhouette” racingserien som pågick under 80-talet så var det inte råare än denna modell (starkaste effektmässigt på sin tid, såklart!).


Det var dessutom den första Skyline med turbo också, vilket givetvis bidrog till att man själv valde denna generation som också är relativt prisvärd jämför med t.ex. de 10+ år äldre KGC10.


Just detta ex. är inte såpass finkänsligt av sig utan har uppenbarligen gått hårt på bana när man ser ingredienser som overfenders, GT-vinge, bur och rensad inredning. Funkar utmärkt för mig, som söker en känsla före att vara nördigt entusiastisk med orginal-utförande etc.



Bilen har sina battle scars och kommer som första station så fort den är reggad hamna hos Superior Workshop Syd i Växjö där Dan Toresson och hans gäng ska få ge den lite kärlek. Sen ska vi se till att den hörs, syns och väcker uppståndelse så gott det bara går kommande säsong.


Kanske en liten film av SUPERIOR MEDIA hinns med innan hösten blir för kall för en snart 30 år gammal Japan? 😉


[nggallery id=311]


Helt klart så känner man bara själv av den glädje som är i kroppen efter detta närmast spontanköp; att det finns mer mark att vinna med att plocka hem lite äldre Japanska sportbilar. Understryker det jag säger om att känslomässigt får man otroligt mycket för pengarna. Strunta i att vara snabbast, snyggast eller något sådant- bara köp och njut…!


…men jag kan lova att jag sällan fått så mycket frågor om en bil på väg som denna ”skrothög”. Uppmärksamhet verkar den med andra ord fixa rätt bra. Kul! 😀


Tveka inte att KONTAKTA OSS om du alltid snuddat drömmarna om en riktigt udda entusiastbil eller ett objekt som verkligen skiljer som från mängden att bygga på. Vi hjälper med allt inom JDM!

Hittar du inte vad du söker? Hittar du inte vad du söker?