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VIDEO: 100 seconds of the 850 HP Dacia Duster @ Frankfurt IAA 2011!

Here is a bit of a surprise, when we saw that Dacia were on location we… didn’t care at all! But looking closer, we saw a car which made us change our opinion- Dacia Duster! Funny that the least sporty brand on FRANKFURT MOTORSHOW 2011 still brought one of the meanest racecars?


This thing is as you can guess a Pikes Peak racecar, and with its 850HP coming from the Nissan GT-R engine it gives me the same feeling as that Suzuki Swift did in some random videogame a few years or so back?!




Frankfurt IAA Auto Expo 2011 – 100 seconds of Dacia Duster Pikes Peak from Superior Media on Vimeo.






Bit of a sleeper for the ”car I would like to drive” award at Frankfurt, but if the occasion would come I would probably be far too scared getting into this small monster. We all know the old Gruppe B drivers had to take a lot of pills sometimes to manage their fears and block adrenaline racing their beast so… maybe not a wise move for an amature driver like me!


The Frankfurt-frenzy continues today with more ”100 seconds of…” clips and plenty of SUPERIOR SELECTED top quality galleries. Hope your enjoying the show so far…

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