VIDEO: More then a few years in the making; Martin ”Gzon” Gustavssons three rotor 20B Mazda RX-7 started!

There are many sentimental conclusions and interesting facts behind this simple start-up video. The two most important ones to save you the trouble of too much reading is:

1. Sourcing this engine from Japan indirectly meant planting the seed for Superior Imports AB. I did it as a personal favor to ”some dude I knew was hella-good at the FD3S RX-7, so he could help me out; and thats how it basically went from there.

2. ”All good things take time” as this personal labour of Superior Workshop Katrineholm chief Martin ”Gzon” Gustavsson has been an on/off project for sooo many years. Cant even start to think about how many its been now?!

You’ve seen some teasers in OUR FACEBOOK PAGE about it, standing in the Katrineholm Workshop; and Iam sure skeptics have been wondering why we haven’t seen more of it.

All good things take time…


Some see the many inspiring builds of Japanese tuning companies like RE-Amemiya running RX-7’s with this unique engine, and think its ”your basic engine swap”.

Being a witness to this entire process, I can tell you its definitely not.

I don’t think spec sheets will explain how much fabricating, electrical work and research it really takes. But if you want to have a go anyway, take a look HERE at Martins own profile at GARAGET.ORG.

This is still at the earliest possible stage, and a new turbine kit tailor-made for the stock FD3S gearbox to handle is coming up. General goal for this season…?

Just enjoy that unique sound, as Iam sure we will have the pleasure of sharing as soon as the block has been run in properly and some tuning to the Haltech ECU is done.

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