VIDEO: 100 seconds of Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster @ Frankfurt IAA!

This clip eventhough we had to superrush it and squeezing with a ton of other TV-teams, shows a quick glimpse of the Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster having just been world premiered at FRANKFURT IAA 2011 MOTOR SHOW!


We did a lot of these ”100 seconds of…” features, and some were more obviously improvised then others- but we felt this car and the unusual lack of some finishing touches made it worth posting. If you didnt like this particular one, no shame in admitting so in the comments below!




Frankfurt IAA Auto Expo 2011 – 100 seconds with Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster from Superior Media on Vimeo.






We made it a little thin red line to follow to show you some of the premium convertibles coming out very soon, and the importance of the Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster I guess forgives the journalistic quality of this clip. Hope you find something useful, and if not- 100 seconds is not too much time to waste! 😉


Still doing a ton of work going through everything we did down in Germany, but getting more and more organized = insane amount of stuff coming out soon…


Dont forget to comment below!

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