SUMMARY 2011: Jallegraphics gives his view of the year gone by (Part 1 of 2)

Time to get our summary of the SUPERIOR SELECTED year started, where our photographers showcase some of their  talent and give a few of their own words added to it.

First guy out is Hjalmar van Hoek aka JALLEGRAPHICS and part 1 of his adventures as an enthusiast, yet premium automotive photographer!

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Unknowing that after this event, I would be one of the members of Superior Selected team, I travelled to Helsingborg the 28th of May. A friend of mine, owning a Skyline, was going to visit a car meeting for only JDM-cars, called Wanganmeet. Even though I don’t drive a JDM car I do like the cars a lot.

Just a couple of days before the meet I decided that I would make the 560km drive, which was easier said than done. I got up at 05.00 and jumped in the car to start my 6 hour trip (one-way).

When I got there the parking lot was already filled with nice JDM cars:


(Honda scene was well represented by CLUB-JDM OF SWEDEN, these compacts have always been the ”bread & butter” of the JDM-scene)


(Mr. Hasselholmen has one of Swedens cleanest and best stanced BNR34’s, like a printscreen from GranTurismo!)


(Boys will be boys, and boys will always love a decent S-body; another icon in the JDM auto scene…)

After this event I got in contact with Micke and as from than we started a coalition. I still knew very little about Superior and their ”out of nowhere” ambitions to produce quality automotive media, but I tagged along the ride for the time being anyway…

– – –  –  –

Vingåkerträffen by REALCAR.SE & GARAGET.ORG:

Just some weeks later it was time for Vingåkerträffen held in Vingåker outside of Katrineholm. This wasn’t that far to travel at all, compared with the trip I just had done.

The meeting attracted all kinds of cars, from JDM cars, Europe cars and even some American muscle cars. One of the things that I remember the most is the heat! You may not complain here in Sweden when it is sunny and warm in the summer but…… it was damn hot!


(The best car of the previous meet attended this one as well, read the FULL FEATURE about it!)


(Superior Imports had some of their customer and democars on location, not a bad collection of asses!)


(No shame in admitting that some Volvo stationwagons can actually be a nice piece of work too…)

– – – – –

After these two events it was GATEBIL MANTORP 2011 next, and thats where things started to go really serious.

We can share a preview from that event, but you will see more and also get some handpicked ”single car” photoshoots I did over the rest of summer in Part 2 which I believe Micke will publish after more colleagues fromSUPERIOR SELECTED have gotten their annual resumes posted.


(Two Superior Drivers Club members in Pierre ”SIR_PIERRE” Ingelsgård and Daniel ”UXR DETAILING” Karlsson got two big horns in the forehead with their 350Z and BNR32 respecively…)

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[nggallery id=397]

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We look forward to Part II in around a weeks time, and hope you will support us over at FACEBOOK (CLICK!) where we will now publish these handpicked photos for the next 24 hours. We appreciate all support and feedback!

Tomorrow we will offer another photographer whose portfolio from the season was big enough to get two parts in the resume as well.

Who can it be…? BOOKMARK THIS LINK and you wont miss a beat!

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