SUMMARY 2011: The chronicles of Martin P – ”” (Part 1 of 2)

New evening and time for another SUPERIOR SELECTED photographer to share his story of the 2011 season for the rest of us. Today we have someone who really exploded as a contributor to the team late in the season, and surprised even ourselves with his dedication.

Martin BILBILDER.SE Persson has to be considered one of the most established freelance photographers to jump aboard our quest for quality Scandinavian auto enthusiast media; and we are flattered to have him more then just for his stellar photos- often of the premium sportscars from around the world as motive!

His story is told in a ”chronicle” kind of way, and will be split into two huge parts with his multi-faceted (often magazine featured) portfolio. Enjoy the ride as we proudly give you his tour of the year here in the Superior-Blog,.

You can find a lot more of his stunning work at his FACEBOOK PAGE where Iam sure he will welcome you whole-heartedly as a new fan!

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BILBILDER.SE annual chronicle 2011 – ”Lots of Supercars, Events and some JDM”!

So here’s my annual chronicle which will show what I’ve achieved as a photographer this year and some subjective thoughts about the motives and sessions.

29/1 Mercedes-Benz SLS

The year started in the best possible way as a Merc-fan. The shoot was rather limited with location and time. But with abstinence from a long winter it was no problem and I had a lot of fun in the cold.


March – Banzai – Nissan 350Z

Here’s a big glitch in time, the winter didn’t want to let go and I’d rather stay home building up inspiration knowing it’d be a busy spring/summer. As a teaser for myself I got my first ever cover in Banzai Magazine UK. The shoot was made summer 2010, but I wasn’t able to show until now.


April – Banzai – Nissan Micra

Still low with new shoots, April issue of Banzai came out with a small feature of this lovely green Micra.


9/4 Citroën DS3

First real session this year. Private client that I’ve shot for a couple of times before switched car to this anti-retro DS3.


17/4 Ferrari 458 Italia

Same deal as the SLS here. Stay inside the nearby area and do what you got to do. Its all about trying to make the best out of the situation in these cases.


22/4 Custom cars – Elmia Expo 2011

About right here Superior Media comes into my life when I recieve a phonecall from Micke. He tries explaining his new project as a media outlet, but it needed a personal meeting to try to pan it out.

And this was at the annual custom car show at Elmia. I don’t enjoy shooting shows like this at all since its so limited to do your own thing when its crowded and you can’t move the objects.


23/4 Ferrari California

Back home to show Italy some more love. Same location as the 458, but the weather was quite different..


12/5 Peugeot 207 RC

Time to say goodbye to my own car after a year together. Haven’t found a new replacement yet, but I don’t miss owning a car actually.. Strange? Yes.

My only logical explanation is that I’ve got too picky after driving cars to far from my own budget.;-)


28/5 Wangan meet + mini sessions

Swedens biggest JDM meet happens to take place at a mall nearby, so I pay it a visit courtesy to Superior Media. Took some shots of the meet itself and did 4 exclusive minisessions for a gang of Happy fellows from Superior Drivers Club.



Early June Lamborghini LP 560-4

Somewhere here I start to run out of inspiration. Something that usually helps is trying to go back to basics. Me, camera and tripod, no strobes, rigs or other stuff.

Another thing that really helps is a good sample of italian madness. Combine these two and you’re back in the roll.


Early June – SCOTY, Ring Knutstorp

This was definitely one of the highlights this year. Scandinavian SCOTY at Ring Knutstorp (kind of home ground for me) is arranged by Magazines from Sweden, Denmark and Finland. It was two days of intense shooting.

I think what’ll remember best is the evening time ride with the SLS and the R8 or NFS Team driver Edward Sandström getting sideways in every car he drove.

Also met a photog I really look up to, Greg Pajo usually shooting for CAR Magazine UK. Thanks to Patrik Lindgren (Teknikens Värld) for making it happen!


11/6 Viper

Private session for a owner of a rarity in Sweden, Dodge Viper SRT-10. Was great coming to a new town with never used before locations. And the V10 madness will haunt my dreams for quite some time..


1/7 JDM Faceoff Kinnekulle Ring + Sessions

Another gig for Superior Media. Trackday with time-attack. Managed to squeeze in a couple of minisessions here aswell.



9/7 Stance Alliance+240Z

Swedens first but not last Stance meeting?? I wasn’t there for the meeting itself, had booked a session that would later become my second cover this year.


16/7 GRC Trackday, Ring Knutstorp

Small gig of a trackday with Gentlemen Racing Club at Ring Knutstorp. Usually lots of exotics, but this is the shot I like best. Gotta please the JDM crowd a little m0ar. 😉


26/7 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG

Borrowed this AMG over the weekend and really enjoyed it, its a great car! The engine and gearbox is superb!



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Thats one impressive list of shoots that could have easily been doubled in amount of pics from each event that were truly top notch. We look forward to part II which will be released in about a week, and encourage you to FOLLOW OUR FACEBOOK so the next days will pay the tribute Martin deserves for his work this season…

And the obligatory request to visit Martins of FACEBOOK FANPAGE is needless to say here, I hope you all take a moment to click your ”Like” there if you found any of these pics sexy!

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3 tankar om “SUMMARY 2011: The chronicles of Martin P – ”” (Part 1 of 2)

  1. Sir_Pierre says:

    Alltså dom där forester bilderna är så klockrena.

    Fick du köra både SLS och 458? Tyckte?

    Och än en gång tusen tack för Banzai och för att du förevigat min bil på så snygga bilder genom åren.

  2. says:

    Tack Ronny och Pierre!

    Köra är fel ord, framföra är bättre, men tillräckligt för att uppfatta att styrningen och dubbelkopplingslådan i 458 är helt fantastisk. Sls:en har jag inget direkt minne av, den fick jag mer utav att åka flatout i passagerarsätet på bankalaset än att smyga fram den i 20 km/h på egen hand.

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