INTRO: This is the best of ”Superior Selected” photographers 2011!

Time to let the cat out of the bag and end the year in style, as worthy of a season where we thrusted ourselves into an unknown world of serious media coverage- with only our own vision as a beacon of light to guide us… When I originally started contacting some of the best automotive photographers on the enthusiast scene here in Sweden; things were very unclear, even for myself. What exactly would SUPERIOR SELECTED be about, and why should anyone want to brand their pics ”more” for a company known only for importing cars canada online pharmacy from Japan- and only recently for their video productions (barely)?! Well, I cant tell you why these individuals I will now present did buy into it at that stage, but I hope canada pharmacy online their work over the passed season and words they are now going to share- will give us some answers. Each one of them will get a blogpost per day, and then OUR FACEBOOK will feature their pics exclusively that same day. All in all, Iam extremely grateful for all contributions made to the Superior-Blog over the season. There are many others in the wings who have helped out as well; but I will let the following persons annual summaries be the ”faces of SUPERIOR SELECTED” for the 2011 season. Then its on to see who will join them for 2012! —– David ”Mr. Superior Media Productions” Johansson: A very quiet guy who lets his editing do all the talking. Thanks to his dynamic work in making our cars for sale ads more attractive, and then branching out into making solid video productions of events attended- you could say he was one of the reasons we decided to dig even deeper at offering quality media. You’ve all seen his larger productions, and he will speak briefly about the ones from 2011 and also a few on those who are still in the ”coming soon” department. But I chose a clip we did at the ELMIA 2011 EXPO on a very special BMW, which had some different music and vibe to it as Davids official preview material:   Superior Media – BMW E30 ”DRIFT ME” Team Insane Racing @ Bilsport Performance & Custom Motor Show 2011 from Superior Media on Vimeo. —– Rani Giliana: Another timid guy who definately keeps an open mind and knows that a good idea is worth pursuing instead of finding every small problem possible at step 1. Was given a key role at the ELMIA EXPO and worked his ass off to do more then just a good first impression. Tagged along at several events, and again showed he is not scared to go ”all in” when the occasion comes; with a ”impromptu” trip with us to FRANKFURT IAA 2011 as a stellar example of that. His teaserpic is from GATEBIL MANTORP 2011: —– Ronny @ JAMedia: Someone mentioned someone, who knew someone; who was supposed to be a quite promising photographer with a huge heart for drifting. That someone turned out to be Ronny who really had a good ”vibe” around his pics from the ELMIA EXPO where he made his ”debut” for the SELECTED TEAM. I know this guys brain is seriously drift-damaged and most of his pics will have that theme, which is not strange for someone who has followed the progress of southern Swedish drifting intensely. But cialis how does it work his preview pic is of one of our SUPERIOR-TV anchormen Pierre Ingelsgård with another photographer in the team: Christoffer Talvis. Just feel his lifestyle photos are just as top notch as his action ones! —– Christoffer Talvis: And speaking about the guy in the above pic, I dont have much to say other then that you really know what you get in his photos. He relies less on Photoshop and lighting, and more on technique and sort of ”documentary style” photos- which makes for a perfect contrast to some of the other guys in the team. He cialis india is pharmacy canada also just like most of the team members very open to finding events outside of the regular calendar, and was for example as lone Swedish media at the opening of the Gumball Rally in London. My own pick for preview is just… watch it and you’ll understand. So much action going on here, action our cameras caught and will be in the upcoming Gatebil Mantorp is ”ALL IN” movie —– Hjalmar @ JalleGraphics: A real workhorse who does not care if he has viagra in the water to drive 500km to shoot some pics, or go a full day without eating to feel satisfied harvesting good pics at an event. Dont find this to be all good, but still a lot more to tell on his loyalty and dedication to automotive photography. This season I think he quickly outgrew his current camera, but has a looong list of events attended with plenty of cool pics. For the preview choice, we went with something more ”close-up” just to keep this post as varied as possible. But ”Jalle” can do it all, make no mistake about that! —– Martin ”” Persson: You may very well feel his name has been borderline inflated here in the blog, but thats because like a surgeon he seems to plan how to be efficent and get the most out of his skills & time. I believe his resume of the year will be the most in depth one, and I really look forward to it. Hard to believe he was one of the most sceptical photographers when we approached him in typical enthusiastic fashion in early over the counter viagra walgreens winter. Not too hard to blame him since he already has a firm fanbase taking pictures of supercars and getting magazine covers, so the entire team is glad to have him around- and we look forward to even more in 2012. —– Hope you will feel at least half as excited as myself over this closing of the year here in the blog. We admit its been a little more quiet here lately, but thats because we are already investing a lot of effort into the 2012 projects. Bit this will mean we end the year in typical Superior style with plenty of good reading in both Swedish and English (but the pictures speak the universal language, so hope you will share the material as much as you genuinely enjoy seeing it!). Rules are that we will release one member each evening, then share material exclusively shot by that person all day long at OUR FACEBOOK. Then when we have gone through all of them, its time for me to personally select 32 of my favourite pics from the season- and rank them for a final post to close the 2011 season!

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