GALLERY: This is how they Drift in Sweden – Bilsport Action Meet 2012 by Carl Kjellberg

As we try to put an event behind us swiftly with plenty of media released quickly; we have a treat for you from BILSPORT Action Meet 2012 tonight.

Nice and meaty gallery from SUPERIOR SELECTED Carl Kjellberg, depicting all the action from the drifting- and make sure to read the SUMMARY/RESULTS HERE too!

This event came in driving skill right on top of the list, but lacked a bit in the smooth and borderline luxury facilities/schedule that TIERP DRIFT CHALLENGE had put on a few weeks earlier.

One thing is for sure, with two such awe-inspiring events behind us; drifting has a sweet future ahead of us for 2013…

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(Start of with the final run? Why not! Daniel ”Limmet” Liimatainen in the 1-series finally got a podium finish but had little to put against Johan ”Hollywood” Halvarsson in the signature green widebody S15 sponsored by J-spec.)

(On his way to the final ”Hollywood” was relenentless and showed nobody any mercy, which is one thing I like about him- not giving any leanience to his opponents no matter their name. Rumor has it in fact, that Johan doesnt even like to practive more then ”just enough” in order to save up adrenaline and focus for his battles…)

(Speaking of determination and ”no-fear” attitude, Christian Halvorsen; almost a namesake of our Swedish star- showed that the only way to avoid getting ”smoked out” is to stick it right in the rear. Here being succesful vs Rockstars own Mikael Svensson.)

(At the same event, Halvorsen had his teammate Kim Skedsmo with him- but the #2 Gulf S15 was far from as fortunate as the other one…)

(Underdogs? We love underdogs! Here is one of them in Andreas Jansson, whose Bad ass parts S13 is always capable of beating the best and even placing really high in the ”Breisladd world championship”. It was not his day this time though.)

(Another underdog we felt sorry for, Andreas ”Mad Mange” Magnusson smashed his side at Tierp and was hungry to do a good result- but failures and a trip to the sandbox ended his day early.)

(Someone who used to be an underdog instead was faintly dissapointed with his performance here. Teemu Peltola from Black Smoke Racing got eliminated in the Top 8 and did not feel comfortable with the way the runs were flowing.)

(Luck ran out for our friends from Raidopower Motorsport when Tokan Bielkelöf got eliminated in a close ”OMT” vs the above Mercedes wagon. Seemed as a catalyst of bad luck as seeding was not to his favour, and he just lost out the regional champ due to this. We still got your back to push for the SPDS-series win Anders!)

(We end this blogpost with a nice widescreen picture of a widebody Johan ”Hollywood” Halvarsson, who is that good that he gets all the attention. We cant wait to beat him one day with the Superior Drift cars. 😉 ).

***PLEASE NOTE! Thumbnails do not work, but click them and violá you will be able to browse the full 20 pic gallery!***

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We would like to thank BILSPORT for their hospitality, and hope to have a ”general” gallery from the rest of the event too despite ”logistics” and focus on drifting keeping us scattered.

Check out this gallery on OUR FACEBOOK and go ”tag” yourself if you are one of these hardcore drifters!

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