GALLERY: First bag of mixed pictures from Gatebil Mantorp 2012 by Talvis

Finally we are back in our own drivers seat, the huge pile of E-mails and the critical evaluation of how we executed GATEBIL MANTORP 2012 are over with. Now lets just show you some of the good stuff!

Christoffer Talvis is one of our SUPERIOR SELECTED PHOTOGRAPHERS who relies less on editing and more on capturing the moment. We really hope you like his style, he is a regular mainstay at Swedish online automotive magazine GREENLIGHT so if you like this then go and check it out!

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(Mean, meaner – Kai Roger Bakken! This borderline spaceship Audi S1’ish Gatebil Extreme mainstay gives you emotions just by standing still in the pits. He was unfortunate to blow up his engine far

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up to cosmos; but is definitely an iconic build for these events.)

(Alvin Laegreid brings like many nuts norwegians like him; the ”bread and butter” of Gatebil events = High-powered cars built only for reckless driving and tons of smoke. It was a shame teammate and personal favorite Öivind Översveen were left at home with a broken gearbox- but instead he had equally nice and playful teammates who also were very generous with the Rom & Coke during the after tracks!)

(All I ever hear from people not too familiar with Gatebil is ”how the hell do you define an event like this, what is it all about?!”. You’ve basically answered your own question by asking that, since the sick mix of different car cultures that remind you of that ”holy shit I have to get my friend really drunk really fast” at the end of a pre-party translates into insane builds like this Chevy Truck that is in fact a Corvette C5 base with the pick-up truck body on top of it?! Photoshoot coming…)

(If tire smoke was a religion, Gatebil would be its Jerusalem for sure; as people pilgrimage many miles only to lay waste to rubber. This 1200+HP BMW E30 owned by Rikard Ivars did not have to travel that long, but still did his routine prayer to the tire slayer gods like a good believer…)

(The carnage and savage nature of how cars are used is another one of those ”caveman entertaining” things these events offer. Pretty sure its fun while it lasts, and many importers of cheap body kits from China are rubbing their hands every time this happens.)

(…not to mention that engines with sometimes double, triple or even four times the factory engine power being driven like these… can lead to certain meltdowns. Here you can see a manifold having cached fire, shame on such a nice build!)

(Although most of them stick in the pits, I find it extremely ballsy of owners of exotics such as this Lamborghini Murcielago also being taken for a spin on the track sometimes. There is at the Norwegian events a ”exclusive” session, but here in Sweden it had to mingle with the rest of the streetcars. Bold indeed.)

(Drifting in Sweden is still pretty small, and very poorly organized- but there are some drivers with heart and soul that more then make up for that. Andreas Jansson in his BadAssparts sponsored Nissan 200SX was unlucky with some fuel pressure related issues, but we hope the SR20DET loyal drifter rebounds at his next event!)

(Another team thats also in the frontline of Swedish Drifting is Raidopower Motorsport who have been rocking the scene pretty much alone for many years. For this season they signed up quite the talent in Joel Yveborg from the northern regions of our country; and he was there to do some testing in his recently supercharged LS2 powered car. Nice guy as well!)

(We end this gallery with one of ”our own”; Danny ”the detailer” Karlsson who drives his Superior Imported Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R like there is no tomorrow. Only one setting on his Boost-controller… Highest!)

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Thanks to Christoffer who is first out of our photographers. We’ll have a new one with slightly smaller galleries daily from now on…

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