SUMMARY: What our Superior Selected photographers were up to @ Gatebil Mantorp 2012!

”No time to loose, when do we get to see pictures?”

The tricks and trades of writing an automotive blog these days when everyone feels they are semi-pro photographers and writers… are interesting.

While everyone are getting spammed and bombarded from different media distributors on Facebook, they can’t seem to find a reasonable balance in settling for whats high quality and whats current enough.

So we decided to change the game. From now on, the word Superior must regain its legitimacy- and GATEBIL MANTORP 2012 was for us a great occasion to ”shake things up” in how we obtain quality media for you and event visitors to enjoy.

Thanks to GATEBIL.NO we had gotten a good deal on our presence, and could let a rich crew of photographers do their magic. So lets introduce you to the names that kicked ass all weekend long on this magical event:

– – – – –

”All-weekenders” (Martin Persson, Nils Gunnarsson & Rani Giliana):

(Martin BILBILDER.SE Persson took a step up in authority and led the team as his own all weekend. Apart from that he managed to sneak in a lot of random shots but also a few intriguing features. This pic gives us a good view of the ”weather limbo” you are constantly in during events in Sweden, where a dark and demoralizing morning with rain can change into the perfect day giving everyone a red face for the evening.)

(Rani RANIS AUTOMOTIVE PHOTO Giliana is one of our most versatile guys in the SUPERIOR SELECTED team, and had a big bag of mixed material. The Superior Drift S15 owned and driven by Thompa Pettersson was doing hard runs all weekend, and it will be fun to see it compete in the near future. Whatever happens, the former Driftspeed Forumula Drift car surely looks the part in its new Superior livery.)

(Nils Gunnarsson is someone who joined the crew this season, and has already shown a lot of enthusiasm for what we do. He is also very versatile and has an open mind on things, anyone want to take a guess on what engine bay this is…?)

– – – –

Supporting photographers (Carl Kjellberg, Christoffer Talvis & Hjalmar Van Hoek):

(Carl Kjellberg was a pleasant surprise added impromptu to the team. Carl is otherwise a full-time fitness guru and his blessed talents as a photographers don’t get as much time as we would like to- but his spontaneous visit and some liberal editing created this little masterpiece. We really hope to see more of him in the SUPERIOR SELECTED section this summer!)

(Christoffer Talvis, who also works as editor for GREENLIGHT MAG which is a free online publication; offered us a surprising sample of yours truly the moment after I had just recied two awards for cars in our camp- and also banned from the pit area by less then impressive press manager. The ban did not last long, as we were back in action as usual the very next day; but the prices for our Nissan Skyline DR30 and Superior Drift Soarer did. And oh, that horribly red tan stayed as well- not to mention the Shamballa bracelets you can find at SIR PIERRES BLOG...)

(Hjalmar JALLEGRAPHICS Van Hoek did a quick visit during saturday, and apart from this fantastic picture of TS Motors miniature monster- we’ll let his own words of the day end this blogpost):

I went quite a lot back and forth before I finally decided to travel to the Gatebil Mantorp event but I’m glad I did! There were so many great cars and great people, who eventhough it was pouring down from the sky early saturdaymorning, were just as enthusiastic about being there as I was. Nothing could stop them. Rain or no rain, everbody took every opportunity to drive as much as they could.

These events really make me realize how much I like photographing this sport, or as I would describe it a lifestyle. After strolling around in the pit area for a while, I stumbled onto this rather out of ordinary Mini. I just love the way it looks and the fact it’s powered by an Audi engine and has all-wheel-drive makes it just so cool.

I’m looking forward to the Gatebil Rudskogen event for taking a closer look and talking to the owner.

With that said I’d like to thank everyone at Superior Media Team and ofcourse the rest of the Superior Family for a great day.

Now let’s count down for Gatebil Rudskogen!

-Hjalmar Van Hoek

– – – – –

I totally agree with Hjalmar, but we will share our memories of Gatebil Mantorp for a long time forward. Only releasing stuff we genuinely feel is good enough and worth the time it takes until release.

We hope you liked this ”summary”, more coming on OUR FACEBOOK as we try and ”re-boot” the Superior brand and how we structure our blog. Thank you to GATEBIL CREW and everyone else for your support!

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    • Micke_J says:

      I’ll deal with it accordingly with Mantorp Park before telling the (very entertaining) story in public. But people within the family already know and witnessed it themselves, so next time we talk I can fill you in. 😉

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