GALLERY: A wee bit of samples from ”” @ Gatebil Mantorp 2012?

Someone who has raised his game on other fronts then pure photography, which he already had an extremely high skill set for- is Martin ”BILBILDER.SE” Persson. With new responsibilities within the SELECTED PHOTOGRAPHER team, you might see less pics of him- put hopefully seeing what he brings on many other areas/photographers. We are indeed moving forward at a far higher pace then the blog can keep up with, maybe as far as not catching up until 2013; but keep enjoying these galleries and the rich mix of different photo-styles + areas covered on events we visit! – – – – – (We see people ”backpedalling” more and more towards times where cars were built on dreams, personal character and not always sanitary business foundations. Ashamed of not exactly knowing what this is, I think we might see more and more ”hybrids” with shells from the 50’s and onwards- and I definitely don’t have a problem with that…) (I can see this pic being a highly suitable choice to show what Gatebil events are all about = Shredding tires in totally reckless style, and doing it proudly for people to enjoy. I just told you something obvious, but if you are reading these texts just move on to more interesting facts.) (Camp: Superior was busy all weekend, with a rich amount of guests and different styles of car cultures. Displayed here is crew manager Tony Wenngrens awesome Time Attack RX-7 built by us and refined by him; while Rickard Klarbys VW Golf on Rotiform wheels stays firmly slammed to the ground in the back.) (The rain was a on/off visitor the entire weekend. It gave opportunities for some interesting shots. Martins analysis of this twisty corner was ”there will be blood”; but no crashes happened… to his disappointment?) (A tribute to my bright red tan or to all the haters who keep inspiring us to stick to ”doing sh*t our own way” and not being too kind of their sore little toes? Nah, just a ”moment” and nothing more.) (Unless entirely mistaken, the car in the background was one of the wildest driving drifters all weekend; and with the ugliest behind on a Nissan 200SX I have ever seen. Not that it matters, when its usually covered in thick clouds of burnt tire smoke. We can confirm this dude as one of the Gatebil All in 2012 participants as well…) (David Johansson and Rani Giliana dancing while a cringing myself looks on with a bottle of beer filled with… water. This pic needs no further explanation.) (The fastest car of the weekend if you believe in Gatebil Extreme races as a way to measure. We made sure to do a more in-depth shoot of it as well, as some hipsters have said for a while wide body Porsches are in hot trend.

We’re just late to the party.) – – – – – [nggallery id=436] Still have three more photographers showing their samples from the event. We bring out teasers on OUR FACEBOOK all the time, go see! Don’t forget your BILBILDER.SE ”Like” either , he is all about quality over quantity- so worth adding as well to your list of photographers to follow.

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