#6 Ten of the best: Eisenhuts Honda Integra, Stance vs JDM vs clean engine!

Want to pick one enthusiast and his build to represent what the Swedish Hellaflush scene is with one swipe?

Look no further then Marcus Eisenhuts Honda Integra that for this season is nearing full marks in all areas within this culture of car tuning.

He was already leading the pack of US-trends here in Sweden, and has for this season put extra effort into the engine bay especially- so it was definitely the thing to focus on for our SELECTED PHOTOGRAPHERS shooting this ”Ten of the best” series from the ELMIA 2012 EXPO:

The car itself is mildly improved from last season, but we don’t consider that since its officially out in this expo representing how far along the ”Stance-scene” has come in just ~365 full days from last years expo.

Our two ace photographers RANI GILIANA and MARTIN PERSSON doing this series exclusively, seem to enjoy shooting this car- and its easy to get satisfying results with some privacy and extra flashes on it:

We also had time to let our Superior-TV co-host SIR PIERRE do a short interview with the man himself, explaining that it seems like things are going pretty well for the ”Stance scene” when even the countries biggest expo dares to invest in it.

Marcus car was just one of many very impressive ”Stance builds” and we shot a big feature of it that displayed what an awesome presence the OIJ OIJ SOCIETY guys had- by far the best stall of the ELMIA 2012 EXPO!

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