30in30 – #14: We bring racing driver Alx Danielsson to the show!

”When I grow up, I want to be a racing driver!”

For those of us who did not make it, and only look at the selected few who got the talent and nerves to race at the highest level as strange creatures that eat/sleep/breathe driving…

Well its time to show you they are just like you and me = they love cars!

For this coming season of Superior-TV which will have many news and experiments presented; we decided to bring along someone we consider has the brains, brawn and a hell of a nice guy total package in Alex ”Alx” Danielsson.

The guy has done it all in racing, and we encourage you to read his different achievements at his WIKIPEDIA PROFILE.

Again, reflecting on how we ”mortal drivers” look on things; I can only explain that Alx needed just one warm-up lap with an extra passenger in our own Time Attack car to utterly smash our previous lap record.

The car has not gone as fast ever again since then, despite numerous upgrades being done to it since then…

Alx will be with us on friday the 6th all throughout the day to be one of the co-hosts of the whole Superior-TV spectacle covering the CUSTOM AND MOTORSHOW EXPO.

We will also present many many news where some mean an expansion in our alliance.

But we’ll keep it secret for a little while longer and let you enjoy this small highlight reel of Mr. Danielsson:

v2 from Mattias Stahre on Vimeo.

Not many people in the past two decades have ever been so close to a Forumula one seat as Alx, and its really an honor for us to share a common interest in grassroots motorsports such as Drifting and Time Attack.

[nggallery id=417]

Much more to come as Alx involvement is as much a ”behind the scenes” dynamic partner as on-screen persona for Superior-TV.

Just wait until the expo, only 9 days to go…!

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