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SELECTED: French quickie with Citroën, Renault & Peugeot @ Frankfurt IAA 2011!

To say that french automakers like Peugeot, Renault and Citroën are rarely on a car enthusiasts radar is quite an understatement, but at FRANKFURT IAA 2011 MOTOR SHOW we did find a few rare gems that we felt deserved at least a small mention here in the blog.


Martin BILBILDER.SE Persson was particularly fascinated by the different concepts being shown, definately in the least something different for the eye to behold. We’ll leave it up to you to judge if they are interesting or non!


(This is in my opinion the ”sci-fi hipsters” wet dream, and Citroën did not stop at just keeping this bus-like concept just wild in itself, they actually had three young futuristicly dressed and face-painted individuals to accompany it while it spun around and around. Looks like their take on the future is that we will all look hideously bored, as we noticed they did just that with a passion; don’t ask me how you look ”passionately bored”- just look at these guys…)



(Whoooo! At least we found one real piece of gold here in the Peugeot section which was their Le Mans racecar that just looks so incredibly mean in person! Fun memory here is that it was among the first places we saw at the expo just after a really stacked BMW press-show. Rehersing our first unofficial ”100 seconds of…” segment and all reminds me of a lot of excitement!)



(At least Renault put a lively colour on their concept which actually looks quite good compared to a lot of other sportier SUV-type of vehicles on display in Frankfurt? Not digging the ”Dotz-style” wheels though although they do make up for their tacky look in sheer size.)



(Another piece from Renault stand which felt like a bit more realistic and not too far-fetched concept. Dig these wheels a lot better then their other concept, and the colour-combo isn’t too bad either. Nice to see some real stopping power in those huge front calipers too!)


[nggallery id=357]


Maybe not the gallery in SUPERIOR SELECTED that will make you rave to your friends about us, but we still hope you like getting a bit of everything from the FRANKFURT MOTOR SHOW. Iam sort of amazed Martin had time to shoot all these pictures and none of them really looks below average (understatement). Feel free to give the lad some well deserved critisizm! 🙂


Not stepping of the gas here, what was accomplished at the expo must come out so we can leave this incredible event behind us. More SELECTED gallerier later today and plenty of VIDEOCLIPS as well!

Hittar du inte vad du söker? Hittar du inte vad du söker?