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SUMMARY 2011: Part II of JalleGraphics best work of the past year!

Its been a different kind of ”busy as hell” ever since we struck 2012, but now its time for some unfinished business where the core of the team get their honorable mention.

The SUMMARY 2011 (CLICK!) shows what each SELECTED PHOTOGRAPHER had as their favorite moments/pics, and a few personal blogging at that.

Today we are closing the year for Hjalmar Van Hoek who himself has a lot of new things to think about in the coming future. Just after the new year he got the great news that he is to become a father; and we congratulate and wish him the best with that. A big part of life indeed!

But for now we’ll show you his of selected work and let you enjoy the pictures as much as you like. Be sure to visit JALLEGRAPHICS FACEBOOK and press ”Like” if you appreciate them!

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In June it was time for Gatebil @ Mantorp Park. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay the whole weekend but I still had a great time out, photographing and filming a lot. I Can edit that I never have filmed before so if you see some shots passing by in the Gatebil movie that are bouncing, you can blame me and my filming skills.

It was also the first time for me to be out on the track and doing some photographing. Can’t say much about it but nothing beats photographing in the middle of a circuit while you’re being surrounded by flaming and smoking cars. The sound is just mind taking!

Skyline R34 GT-R Photoshoot:

As I wrote earlier a friend of mine visiting the Wanganmeet does own a JDM car. In fact, he owns one off my personal dream cars, a Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R. I got some new gear for 2011 to get better use of my flashes so here are some of the photos taken for him. They helped a lot but there’s still quite some time in Photoshop behind every photo.

Mitsubishi Evolution X Photoshoot:

As time the season progressed I got more jobs, including this Mitsubishi Evolution X. The customer always wanted to have one of his cars shot on this location, and so we did. It might not have been the best location for this particular car, but at the time I thought it would turn out good anyway. Here are the shots.

Subaru Impreza WRX STi Photoshoot:

Toyota Aristo Vertex V300 Photoshoot:

It’s time for an exclusive. Photos which have never been shown before, well you might have seen a few of them. I the autumn we headed out with Mickes Toyota Aristo. We were trying to get the “special” autumn feel to them by placing the car under some green/yellowish trees.

Here are some off the final images of that afternoon on that location.


We finish of with the Superior Meet. Micke and company set up a whole day for all Superior Drivers Club members and anybody who loves cars. I met up with Micke at his place to head of to the headquarters in Katrineholm. I got the honor driving his Aristo.

When I got there I cracked on with a photo session right away. One of the Superior Drivers Club members wanted some photos taken of his Subaru Forester. After passing by some interesting places on the way to the headquarters I found a good location. Just a two minute drive from the garage.

And now some random shots from the event. Starting of with some fine Rx-7’s.

Mr. David Johansson @ SUPERIOR MEDIA in action:

The world does look a bit better with some smoke………… from the tires (Thompa W)!

As Micke has written in a blog earlier a fine young man called Alex wanted to buy his dream car and got in touch with Micke about importing his car. You can read the whole story here.

He picked up his widebody RX-7 at the Superior Meet and I just got blown away. It was such a nice bodykit on the car. We; Rani Gilliani, Christoffer Talvis and myself, decided to take some photos of Alex’s new ride. We all took a bunch of photos and this is the one I’m most pleased with.

In all the excitement I totally forget or didn’t take the time to eat, although it looked so delicious.

Last but not least I shot some photos for Micke himself. As you all know he bought a Nissan Skyline DR30 from the stone age, sorry Micke just had to mention it 😉 But it really has the old school look and can’t say I don’t like it. However I can’t show you too much but this photo has been uploaded a while back. The rest of the set will be up very soon!
To sum up 2011
I always try to keep on improving my skills behind the camera, as well as the post processing. This year has been a good year for me personally and business wise. I got new connections, new friends and most of all more experience. For every photo session I did I got feeling that I was on to the right path. Next year isn’t going to be much different. I’m going to raise the bar a bit higher for myself!
I Wish you all the best for 2012 and let it be a year filled with awesome events!
Best regards,
//Hjalmar van Hoek – JALLEGRAPHICS (FACEBOOK).
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An excellent write-up and plenty of pics too. We once again wish Hjalmar the best in his coming adventures in life, and hope for steady contributions though 2012 as well. Always room for a guy as friendly, professional and skilled as he is.

You can follow OUR FACEBOOK where there will be pics taken by Hjalmar posted all day long. Feel free to ”share” them as well, and if you are in a really good mood ”Like” Hjalmars own FACEBOOK PAGE

Thats all, tomorrow there is another member of the SUPERIOR SELECTED that gets thrown into the mix and gets his year reviewed!

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