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SUPERIOR-TV: Meets legend George Barris @ Elmia 2011 (English)

Give GEORGE BARRIS 20min of  us talking to him at ELMIA CUSTOM AND MOTORSHOW 2011 of your time, forget the poor english by the interviewers, forget their star-struck behaviour…


…just listen to all the things he has to bring up from his 50+ years of being in the frontier of custom auto-building!


We have been on sort of a hiatus at SUPERIOR-TV since the huge ELMIA 2011 EXPO, but that doesn’t mean we’ve been lazy! Me and Pierre have been around at the different meets, but I guess a lot of the material will be used either for a DVD or to keep ya’ll warm during fall…


This interview is the sh*t (the good kind!) since in the brief time we talked to him, we probably touched upon more subjects we could spend hours talking about then ever before. You can imagine the both of us were dazed and our jaws constantly dropped during the conversation!



Can’t stress enough how many cool things George brought up, I made a list to originally use to edit the interview up but… there is just too much to highlight certain things when one second he talks about Elvis Presley being the nicest guy in the world, Michael Jackson using actual band-aids on his cars dents/scratches, being a street-racer probably before your mother (!) was even born- to the different impacts his work has had on the world.


Superior TV meets the legendary George Barris @ Elmia 2011 from Superior Media on Vimeo.


We originally thought asking him a bit about The Fast and the Furious would do, but to be honest- there were eventually a few dozen other things more interesting to hear about in the end. I want to thank George Barris for being the absolutely best interview… ever (eventhough Chip Foose is a very very close second)!




(Yes, I was and still am a rookie in the words most sincere form doing these interviews. Please just enjoy the stars and Iam sorry if my demeanor pisses you off. 😉 ).


I will never forget this, especially since we went into this with such a casual attitude. So do the same, trust me when I say this one is worth it and pay close attention to what George has to say…


Really appreciate input beyond the obvious effects of this being ”impromptu” and without much time given to the editing. Its all about George, hope you like it!

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