VIDEO: Gatebil Våler 2012 – by new recruit Daniel ”O’snap” Hovdahl

I guess its time to make it more then just common knowledge; but we have recruited another very talented guy to our SUPERIOR MEDIA video division- welcome aboard Daniel ”O’SNAP” Hovdahl from Heggedal, Norway!

This has been a careful selection process, and although we have many friends who are contributing in one way or another; this is a commitment we make with Daniel to be a longterm resource for our different projects.

You already saw a little preview of what our collaborations will be all about- in the Kenneth ”Kenny” Moen Supra shakedown movie a few weeks back. Daniel was also supported by friend and SUPERIOR SELECTED prospect HENRIK OULIE in that clip.

Nevermind, as we will let the work we do speak for itself. The general theme of this little gem is sun, smoke and subtle cool (yes, you could use a ”the three S’s cliché to summarize).

[nggallery id=432]

GATEBIL events never fail to put on a show, and the early birds in Norway were at it right away mercilessly slaying their tires.

Among many that featured, we can mention names like Kenneth Alm, Team Yellow, Fredrik Öksnevad, Öivind Översveen, Kenneth Groth and Team Japan Auto among many many maniacs- enjoy the clip:

We appreciate you ”sharing” the clip if you enjoyed it, and as usual follow the ”behind the scenes” of everything we do at SUPERIOR FACEBOOK!

…one final ”welcome aboard” for the new guy Daniel as we also encourage you to check out his own FB-PAGE O’SNAP!


2 tankar om “VIDEO: Gatebil Våler 2012 – by new recruit Daniel ”O’snap” Hovdahl

  1. Antonic RotaryReloaded says:

    Sorry everything is great but the music is so missplaced.
    Its a good end song for telling a story.

    I think the cars are slowing down becuse the music.
    Need more ummpf hehe
    A action scen in a movie will never be good if the music is not right.

    But love the videomotion and i think micke should buy the guys a RED camera so we can se real good slowmotion clips 😉

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