TRAILER: ”The Gatebil experience” by Neffi Photography of Denmark!

Since we are right in the middle of posting SELECTED GALLERIES from Gatebil Rudskogen, the timing for a new movie made by our friend NEFFI PHOTOGRAPHY called ”The Gatebil experience” just couldn’t be better.


This Danish dude was actually doing the first Gatebil Rudskogen event this season on our account as a spontaneous thing, and with his just recent trip there added- he is now all set to give it his first go making a production out of it.



He just released this smooth trailer of his coming video, and it has some really good footage (among my favourites, when Fredric Aasbo blows his tire, above):


The Gatebil Experience | Teaser | Neffi Photography from Neffi Photography on Vimeo.


Looking at his previous work, which has a lot of Scandinavian Drift Series in his portfolio, I think we can expect a really solid movie- and we are loving how more and more really talented photographers and filmmakers are putting the spotlight on the scene we got here in Scandinavia:


Scandinavian Drift round 2 from Neffi Photography on Vimeo.


Since he has already achieved his goal of ”1000 likes” on HIS FACEBOOK PAGE I think we can do our best to reach 2000  of them in a hurry, dont you think? 😉


We’ll be sure to post his finished movie as soon as its completed as well, but hope you will just like us make him feel welcome to the online Superior-family of partners as our #1 guy in Denmark.


Thanks to Ronny @ who was the person who formally introduced us to him, some sick combo and talent we got going here…!

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