Superior Selected presents: The ”Ten of the best” concept – by &

We have the pleasure of giving our international readers a feature series we call ”Ten of the best” that literally means; selecting and shooting the ten best cars of CUSTOM AND PERFORMANCE MOTORSHOW 2012!

For this occasion, we have let our lead photographer and aspiring guru Martin ”BILBILDER.SE” Persson do a little tag team with one of the most promising guys in the SUPERIOR SELECTED group- none other then Rani ”RANISFOTO.SE” Giliana!

These pictures have our foremost effort to them, and with every countdown and car we have selected- the amount of high quality pictures increase.

The tandem aims to present a few cars each day, the above being the first two at #10 and #9, with the ”Superior choice” winner of the expo presented on monday afternoon!

Make sure to visit both guys Facebook pages and show your support for their talents, ”Like” BILBILDER.SE and RANI AUTOMOTIVE PHOTOGRAPHY!

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