SELECTED: Final pieces of Superior Meet 2011 by JalleGraphics

Since we are in a bit of a bottle neck here with stuff colliding with eachother, we are going to have some material thats been waiting for a while coming ut- and first a gallery our SELECTED PHOTOGRAPHER Hjalmar @ JALLEGRAPHICS took during our own Superior Meet 2011!


Still very proud of that little gathering, and will enjoy all pics that came from it these coming months. This time we got a little more ”lifestyle” and less cars; but Iam sure the lads & ladies within the Superor-family will appreciate this extra much.


Great job på ”Jalle” who embarrasingly enough worked so hard during the day; that he didn’t even sample the awesome food we had made. Thats borderline stupid dedication! 😉



(Having dedicated most of my adult life to the Superior-brand, its a wonderful thing that once that was mostly entirely focused on very young customers has grown up and matured a lot. Some of the guys have more then one kid, and we even have a few customers old enough for grandchildren! But the beauty is that the dynamic spirit between all of us still is the same, hoping to ”mix it up” even more in 2012…)



(In what would to be the Aristo Vertex V300 final journey, it served well carrying all the stuff for the catering. Going to miss this ride, and you can take my word for that its not the last Aristo with 2JZ-GTE engine I will ever drive. This Toyota flagship model is just… sublime!)

(And speaking of Toyota/Lexus flagships, you could do a lot worse then this bunch. You have from the far right of the pic: Fredrik Anderssons & ”1JZ-Tompas” two very clean and true to JDM Soarers. Then the above Aristo and finally Pierre ”SIR_PIERRE” Ingelsgårds new Lexus LS400 running on brand new MRR 20″ wheels on that occasion.)



(There was a whole lot of photographing going on with several SELECTED guys on location. Here we have Rani RANISFOTO.SE Giliana *aka Flam* shooting Tony Svenssons Nissan Silvia S15 ”L-package”. I’ve seen some of the shots already, and cant wait to work this gallery out somewhere early next week!)

(Sweet pic of some RX-7 FD3S in which you can surely single out which one is the ”heavyweight champ of them all” since its a genuine Spirit-R! The red one is STILL FOR SALE while the other grey car with the GT-wing got sold recently; which is a bummer to all of you looking for a nice Series 8 FD3S…)



(We can’t see his face, but by now we all recognize David Johansson that films and edits all our awesome SUPERIOR MEDIA productions. He was there collecting material as well, but the line of movies coming out is superlong so we’ll just have to wait and see before we see the result. But follow below for more info on…)



(…how this carnage came about and sounded like! We got great quality video of all three tough b*stards who showed up to fight for the unofficial title of Burnout Champion 2011.)



(The gentleman to the right is Steffen Nilsen and don’t be fooled by the pic, he is equally into metal as his dark clad buddy to the left- but the authentic Superior Drivers Club hoodies will turn anyone into wearing white. Okay, maybe not; but you have to agree that they look damn sharp!)



(And we finish things off with some food! Seeing that home-made Teriyake roastbeef sallad again makes my stomach growl. I now have a clear vision of what will be requested for dinner next time I have the chance to decide. Hope everyone enjoyed the food we presented, nothing less then Superior in quality in that area as well…)


[nggallery id=384]


And that was it as they say. At least for the Meet itself and pictures from it. Really hope all of you who attented had a great time and hope you’ll support our efforts into making these social events more often in 2012. Since we can use the occasion to take some mighty fine pics to share in the blog, we have more then one reason to do it.


Make sure to ”LIKE” OUR FACEBOOK if you get good vibrations coming from Superior Imports, doesn’t matter if your a Swede, Scandinavian or from Japan for that matter.


We all share the same passion, and mark my words; in 2012 we’ll spread our passion around the globe with a fistful of JDM-love always available!

4 tankar om “SELECTED: Final pieces of Superior Meet 2011 by JalleGraphics

  1. 1JZ Tompa says:

    I can only agree with you Micke,this was one of the nicest events of 2011!
    Friendly ”family” and a good mix of JDM cars.
    And to top it all of with super tasty food,well you cant go wrong with that.
    Looking forward to what we can achive with Superior in mind during 2012?
    Sunny today and 9 degrees,so Will take the last tripp of 2011 this afternoon.

    • Micke_J says:

      Thanks Tompa, despite all exciting stuff thats happening; it feels like we’ve barely scratched the surface on many things…

      You should drop by here, plenty of coffee that will go to waste available!

  2. Steffen says:

    The SDC Hoodie is awesome when you go to Metal-festivals. As you can imagine most people dress in black or at least very dark colours but I used the white hoodie and oh boy did I stand out 😛 I had a hard time finding my friends but they could spot me in a crowd of thousands 😉

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