Gatebil Rudskogen photos ”Selected” = 3x galleries coming!

As you know, our SUPERIOR SELECTED galleries are not your usual type of volume media, as we try hard to maintain a high quality in the pic itself; or that it tells a story. Ronny @ JAMedias visit to Gatebil Rudskogen recently had plenty of those ingredients- and I have finally decided on which ”made it” to the blog!


With his natural born talent for interesting action photos, we have a big bag ’o pictures divided into three parts. First one will be our bread and butter here at Superior with focus on JDM-vehicles. Be sure to find the starts of Gatebil events like TEAM DRIFTMONKEY and TEAM YELLOW there for sure:



Moving on there is a nice and chill gallery from the pit and of all the other activities you can be sure to find at a Gatebil event.


Its just as much lifestyle as it is about insane cars & driving. And dont forget the girls too, for all those of you who like it that way of course. Its not really ”FRANKFURT MATERIAL” but still some hot babes who make up for it with their eeeh, generosity to… nah, this is going nowhere! 😉


Dont forget about long afterhour mechanical work on everything thats been busted or destroyed in the carnage. As you can probably guess, there is a lot of that at Gatebil and the final gallery is pretty much ”action” with the rest of all cars non-JDM (which is naturally a lot):



Looks like one of the Alm brothers did some changes to the cooling of his car, and these two veterans of Gatebil will surely get caught on a pic or two…


Good stuff Ronny, always a pleasure to blog about quality pics and we hope to have all three out before the end of the week.


Maybe a bit longer then we would have wanted, but we are afterall human- so even if the pics arn’t smoking hot coming of an evet; be sure you will be entertained anyway…

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