GALLERY: Detroit Motorshow 2012 – Acura / Honda NSX + Lexus LF-LC!

Martin BILBILDER.SE Persson did a summary of the Detroit Motorshow 2012 a while ago, and its been caught in the traffic from the TOKYO AUTO SALON 2012. But for the real petrol heads out there, Iam sure you will enjoy a gallery and brief summary of this event as well- to keep you up to date at least!

The biggest notable presented cars were the two Japanese concepts that had the whole world talking: Acura NSX and Lexus LF-LC. So thats where we’ll put out main focus this time around. Big thanks to Martin for making this an easy read for us all. Enjoy!

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(Pics from our network for the automotive world press, thank you!)

Chevrolet brought two new concepts to the show.

The first one is the Chevrolet Code 130R. Turbocharged engine featuring ”eAssist” (start/stop tech + brake energy reca pture) brings Chevy up to date.

At the first glance we sure can see some resemblense to a BMW 1-serie coupe crossing with a Camaro!

Something more unique and a bit cooler (according to us) is the Chevrolet Tru 140S

This is aimed two buyers under 30 year and features FWD with a 1,4L turbo engine, 4 seats, coupe-like aestetichs and a pricetag below $20K.

Hyundai unveiled a facelift of the Genesis and the oddbird Veloster.

The biggest change is seen at the front end at the Genesis. Under the hood the V6 now gives you 348 bhp.

The Veloster Turbo is obviously a lot beefier being a bit more masculine than the starting point. Now also featuring a 201 bhp engine.

Honda (Acura)

Ofcourse the biggest news here is the NSX Concept.

Still a mid-mounted Vtec V6, but adding Hybrid technology and dual clutch to the table.

Expected to go on sale in the next three years we can expect to see more concepts of the NSX before the final product is ready.

Honda also showed this gorgeuos ninth gen. Accord.

The downside? Us market only, out on sale late 2012.

Lexus showed the LF-LC Concept, a already well debated design.

2+2 sport coupe with lots of light weight materials and hybrid technology good for both driving performance and fuel efficiency.

The LF-LC also won the EyesOn Design Award for best concept car the Detroit motor show.

Some european cars was also shown, most of the with chopped roofs due to the oncoming season.

Mercedes showed their new SL with the controversial front. Not a instant ”like” but will it grow on us..?

The 991 Porsche convertible, still a sleek looking car, from the start.

We saw the MINI coupe at Frankfurt IAA and its lost its baseball cap shaped roof since then.

Ford payed their respect to Europe and Britain by applying a Aston Martin grille to the new Ford Fusion.

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Any relevant news in your opinion? It feels that sportier and edgy concepts are becoming more of a trend, and we desperately need something in between the Nissan GT-R and Lexus LFA in terms of price.

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