GALLERY: Being the best sideways, Drifting at Tierp Arena – By Kometfoto

As you probably already read in our SUMMARY OF TIERP DRIFT CHALLENGE last sunday, there was a lot to offer at TIERP ARENA this weekend.

Its time for step two in our event coverage, finishing things off with a video which might take a while. Just enjoy these pics freelancer Patrik KOMETFOTO Karlsson took during the event and was kind enough to pair up with our blog!

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(Save the best for last, or start with it? This extremely close battle between our own Daniel Asp in the Rocket Bunny LS2 powered S14 and Jim Olofsson in his old BMW E30 had everyone talking. Are you uncertain why?)

(This R32 Skyline driven by Martin Poorhamidi was one of those ”I need to take a closer look” kind of things I never ended up doing. Shame as the constantly hassled Dane looked to run an impressive custom body kit and a screaming single turbo RB20 engine…)

(One of our favourites in the lower class, but the only thing stopping this 2JZ-GTE powered IS200 from running with the big boys is a roll-cage. Great workmanship and driving skill gave Jens Stark the overall win here!)

(We’ve ran into a small and enthusiastic guy on more then one occasion nicknamed ”The weasel”, so it was fun to see his ”Grassroot-ish” 200SX with a 1JZ-GTE in action finally. Top 16 was all she wrote though.)

(Good proximity didn’t matter as Mr.Skogsby in the silver S13 got eliminated by veteran Mikael Svensson in this Top 16 battle. It does impress us though that only one of them is street-driven… guess which one?)

(The Superior S15 owned/driven by Thompa Pettersson has a biiig ”need for speed” and really didnt cut loose until twin-drifting with the best in Sweden. Although the car has heritage from Formula Drift and more, its still an underdog in competition.)

(Another car from the lower class, with someone who deserves acknowledgement for his dedication as a rookie in the sport. Fredrik ”LoFet” Löfmans Supra will with more power and experience for its owner be a force in the future.)

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(90’s Camaros competing in Drifting, with heritage from purebred racing…? Pelle Erikssons ”Swedish Drift Force”  team have slowly stocked up on resources, and just like us been patient competing. Martin who drives this car was eliminated in a typical ”refs got it wrong” battle with ”Tokan” of Raidopower Motorsport but; we’ll leave more then that unsaid and say we want to see more from the ”primer grey” US cars!)

(Tokan of Raidpower was once again involved in a controversial judges call against red-hot Daniel Björck in his monster RWD V8 Golf. I actually believe firmly they did the right call here, but a real winner creates his own luck and Anders aka ”Tokan” is doing his ’thang while others focus on whining…)

(Slap that clipping point Mr. Asp! After securing good enough points to qualify, Daniel decided to gamble a bit and went ”all in” which nearly paid off. But since drifting is about putting on a show, I doubt he has regrets about the low score from this run.)

(One of the most consistent but yet a bit ”un-sung” drivers in the Swedish drifting scene is Mercedes E190  lover Dennis Martinsson. We really like his odd choice of car, and its a sweet sounding machine too. Almost took him to third place, but Daniel Björck nudged him away unfortunately. Still very highly ranked and a favourite of ours.)

(…and here ladies and gentlemen, you see the top two drifters in Sweden at the moment- fittingly facing off in the final of this event. ”Tokan” of Raidopower could not match a Johan Halvarsson of Team Jspec thats focused to win. Congrats!)

(The podium, from the left: Daniel Björck, Johan ”Hollywood” Halvarsson and ”Tokan” Bielkelöf. A very fair Top 3, except we would have loved to see one of our guys there too… 😉 ).

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Again, big thanks to the awe-inspiring TIERP ARENA (go ”Like” ’em!) and their staff who made this a stress-free event for us to debut at.

If you want to read more about drifting them check our the SUPERIOR FACEBOOK and also the one specifically for OUR DRIFT TEAM. Appreciate KOMETFOTO for the pics too!


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