DESKTOP: ”Its been a busy season” – Superior Drift wear n’ tear by Carl Kjellberg

Well hello there, are you still here? Waiting for better times? That revolution which you are used to when Superior are focused and going into battle?

You might have to wait a bit longer, but trust us when the silence of 2012 means work ”behind the scenes” for 2013 (-14?) has been more then extensive.

We would like to reward our loyal fans with a symbolical desktop of our recently started SUPERIOR DRIFT (CLICK FOR FACEBOOK!), that is also starting to show its been through a lot this season:

Make sure to click the image to get it in crisp hi-resolution. Big thanks toCARL KJELLBERG who likes to pop in and to sweet desktops as a SUPERIOR SELECTED guest sometimes. Much appreciated!

Need more hidden messages, cryptic talk about the future? Didn’t think so! 

We are just going to focus on doing what we do best, post our productions from this season mixed with good photos- and then you are more then welcome with the feedback ON OUR FACEBOOK afterwards. Deal? Ok!

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