30in30 – #4: Two Soarers will cruise the streets of Jönköping this easter…

Just another quick newsflash ahead of the CUSTOM AND MOTORSHOW expo that will open up the season for all car enthusiasts in Sweden.

We are bringing two Toyota Soarers to Jönköping to act as our daily drivers during the whole weekend. We can reveal one of them right away, but it will definitely not look like this anymore then:

This car was originally imported by us and sold to one hell of a nice guy named Thomas ”1JZ-Thompa” Wennerström.

Since then he refined it slightly with some nice wheels and flirts with the Hellaflush-scene a bit, not to mention killing the stock clutch with a ”boost-up” package and going drag racing with it! 😉

Pictures taken by the one and only Martin ”BILBILDER.SE” Persson who shot these during JDM Face-off finals where Superior Drivers Club members got to race for free.

We can’t tell you more about the other Soarer also going to Jönköping in just a bit over 3 weeks time, but if you FOLLOW OUR FACEBOOK you might find out more…

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