VIDEO & VOTE: Pick the winner of Superior Burnout Competition 2011!

Its time to release the fun little gig we did during Superior Meet 2011 where three gentlemen put on a show to kiss this years summer away; swedish style = sick burnouts!


In honour of this sacred ritual performed to perfection, we decided to make it a fun little competition; asking all our readers, their friends and whoever appreciates proper burnouts to cast their vote on who they think did it best!


What you need to do:


1. Watch the clip below, its OK to watch it more then once. Even more then 20 times.


2. Pick out who you felt did the best one and its nobodys business how you define ”best”. Just pick any one of the three guys = #1 Micke_J, #2 1JZ-Tompa and #3 Gunnarsson.


3. You can cast your vote by VISITING OUR FACEBOOK and there ”Like” + comments your favourite and why. Or you can just comment below here in the blog. If you share this clip make sure to ask anyone who likes to participate in the vote to do the same.


Prices for voting? Hell yeah:


We decided to mostly in the spirit of raffling (??) things, to put in a Superior T-shirt and a bunch of other surprise items to be announced soon to give away to anyone who votes. Pretty easy huh? We promise to count up all votes from as many sources possible, but  OUR FACEBOOK or commenting below is the easiest place to to do it!






Hope you liked it, now you have three clear choices to cater to; and we hope that the final winner will be a worthy one with many votes to back it up. I can sincerely say that I feel all three definately plead their case as the burnout champion very well; so it will be a case of style, sound, car type etc etc that will determine the winner!


(Thanks to David Johansson for shooting and editing this video, despite tough times to deal with. You and your closest ones have the full backing of the Superior-family in your time of grief…)


Hope we will get lots of help in letting this little event get spread in the winds of your social networks. We need a big boost just in time for the release of our next monster project…


…the Gatebil Mantorp ”All in” movie. Stay tuned and thanks in advance!

12 tankar om “VIDEO & VOTE: Pick the winner of Superior Burnout Competition 2011!

  1. Steffen says:

    Very hard indeed to pick a winner but here’s my thoughts that also includes the Live experience.
    Contestant Number One. Totaly insane, brute force rubberburning, sounds like hell broke loose and smoke all over the place. But, not so much in the drivingstyle-department (the usual spin out control-burnout wich always reminds me of old RWD Volvo-driving hoodlums) and you couldn’t see anything. Plus my white SDC-hoodie got black spots all over 😛
    Contestant Number Two. Another Soarer, not as much brute force due to the lack of power but a little more style to it or…. control is a better word. Good sound, good smoke but I still miss that little something that makes you go ”Holy SHIT”.
    Contestant Number Three. This one does it all. Sounds INSANE, burns it like it’s hot and makes people smile 😛 It’s always crazy to see a car still not getting traction even when it’s getting up to higher velocity.
    So who’s the winner for me. Well 3rd place goes to contestant #2, not awesome enough. 2nd place goes to contestant #1 do to lack of style/control. And last but definitly 1st place goes to contestant #3. Sound, power, smoke and style/control, all wrapped into one crazy car.
    Thumbs up for all the contestants, y’all sure got some goodlookin and powerfull cars and are not afraid of using them, like most of the members in the SDC 🙂 Also big thumbs up to David that captures all the good moments 🙂

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