VIDEO: Raw preview of upcoming ”Gatebil Mantorp is ALL IN” movie!

Our little engineer behind the camera and editing, David Johansson wanted to thank everyone for sharing our recently re-released trailer of the ”Gatebil Mantorp is ALL IN” movie coming soon.


Here you will see most of the cars & teams that participated in this 20min carnage that occured when we got Mantorp Park circuit for ourselves during 20 sweet minutes.


Names you will surely recognize are ALM BROTHERS, DRIFTMONKEY, RAIDOPOWER MOTORSPORT and a bunch of other madmen who raced furiously trying to out-do eachother…






Keep sharing this material and encourage people to take a look at OUR FACEBOOK as well, you get plenty of news and other fun stuff daily there- although here at the blog is where all the action happens! And yes, that goes for the real trailer for this movie as well; all you need to do is copy this link and paste it to your Facebook or post it anywhere you like!


We can’t promise a firm deadline on when the movie is done, but we hope it won’t be too long after the holidays…


Your support means the world for us, so hope you will give us continious feedback all the time!

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