VIDEO & GALLERY: ”Superior Media is going to Soumi” – Trip over and lifestyle of Car Show 2014

After another fantastic summer of Media & PR-projects, with the latest trip abroad with Alx Danielsson to the outskirts of Chicago, USA to follow his MonsterJAM training sessions… we’re in Finland to shoot for X-TREME.FI Car Show 2014!

We left thursday afternoon and got busy right away at the terminal, capturing the special feel to load up several of the finest pieces of automotive culture on the boat across the ocean.

Now almost going through the first half of the day of the expo, we want to share our experience thus far with you.

We hope this first video and gallery shows how much we l o v e it here where people truly rejoice around the lifestyle not only around the cars but other interesting areas as well.

The emphasis is on the old classic US Customs & Hot Rods, real muscle cars and all its different sub-branches.

But also crammed into one hall you got the best of European and more ”modern” approaches to car enthusiasts and their different charachterful ways to Tune & build cars. We were asked to bring our TOYOTA ARISTO FOR SALE as one of the special guests demonstrating Japanese VIP:

(Fresh of the boat and really dirty, Cinematographer David Johansson did a quick snap with the camera with Helsinki as backdrop.)

As a real cherry on top, the organizers always seem to blend in a variety of trending sub-cultural ways of living. We get a tingling sensation of the amount of old school  ”pin-up models” all around the expo.

Its hard to put our finger on it, but again: Let our media do the talking.

INTRO: X-TREME CAR SHOW 2014 (Lahden Messukeskus, Lahti Finland) – ”Superior Media goes Soumi” from Superior Media on Vimeo.

The video was a quick mock-up up in the late hours of thursday, just to show our own experience a bit- it truly is a ”package trip” from start to finish the way you get on the boat and have fun… to reaching Lahti, Finland and hanging out with some of the elite of Scandinavian car culture.

Tonight the big build-up is towards the party right at the expo, that continues well into the morning after.

This is one of the really unique things we’ve discovered already here, that there is a lot of emphasis on show; and that the visitors are in an adultly responsibly way encouraged to ”have a fun night out” with the expo as warm-up.

We’ll see how we feel tomorrow… one thing everyone knows is that Finns are typically not the ones who shy away from a drink or three when the party gets going… Kippis!

[nggallery id=493]

– – – – –

We will drop another video during the day tomorrow to give a better picture of the expo.

Have a great saturday evening because we truly will…!


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