Tokyo Auto Salon 2012! This is how Superiors coverage will look like:

We’re back with a vengeance in the blog having secured some great coverage of the TOKYO AUTO SALON (TAS) 2012! The event starts tomorrow in Japan, only a few hours away- and already we have some inside scoops that will interest anyone interested in the tuning-scene over in Japan.

This is the event that definitely shows trends that are sometimes over a year ahead in the western world; so its always an exciting time whether you like drifting, Time Attack or just show cars!

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Photos and blogging on location:

For most of our pictorial media and the hottest news/rumors coming directly on location we partnered up with Seiji Ishikawa who is a Japanese auto enthusiast running his own FACEBOOK PAGE: ”REVOLT-IS” (CLICK!).

He has deep knowledge of the scene and many friends in the industry, and we hope he will bring all our readers plenty of (mixed) good stuff from Makuhari Messe. In fact we already have a few inside news related to the D1 Drifting Circus that we will break as soon as they allow us to…

So come along and follow both the REVOLT-IS page and naturally the SUPERIOR FACEBOOK (CLICK!) so you know where to get the best from the expo in terms of quick, easy to bite snacks!

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Video coverage:

We have a big surprise for you, we have one of the industries most talented filters on location shooting the whole weekend for a multitude of websites; and we are among one of them. With his material we hope to make a SUPERIOR MEDIA (CLICK!) production which is simple but right to the point. It will follow the same suit we did at the ELMIA EXPO here in Sweden last spring, so I hope you will enjoy it JDM-style!

Superior Media – Audi A4 Touched by GEIROS – People’s choice @ Bilsport Performance & Custom Motor Show 2011 from Superior Media on Vimeo.

This is still on a ”to be announced” level, but we are proud that our baby steps into the big world are getting more and more vibrant & full of life.

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We’ll keep you posted, but ”Like” OUR FACEBOOK and bookmark THIS LINK to keep a steady eye on whats going on!

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