Time to go mobile?

After hitting near rock-bottom in motivation to use the blog because the ”back-end” technical side has aged ungraciously- a big ray of light came upon me yesterday!


Let me explain. The blog uses wordpress as its ”engine”, and was at the time we built the site a very simple tool where we had to use lots of custom features.


Eventually, this led to problems with using newer versions of browsers- with a *insert worst combo of cursing you can think of* headache to write text with simple flow as linebreaks for example.


Doing stuff mobile has also been impossible, so with a new (huge) site coming in 2012; its been a pain and frustration to blog. And fixing this presented a classic ”catch 22” moment:


Who would you entrust your entire database since back-ups  are necessary if the site self-ignites as its common to do after having many custom solutions…?


Anyway, after months of finding the right guy; we are now seeing the first huge steps of his work. An update of WP has been done and this post is a test to see if changes are even bigger then expected (confirmed yesterday that my desktop mac now works to blog from).


So without much more noise, and kind of pathetic indeed- we bring you the first mobile blog-post in our history! 😀


(Dont clap, this is nothing to be proud of- but still awesome to encourage bot just me to write here more often…)

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