This pic is dedicated to all our fans in Tonga & Niue!

Seems like even my daily driver (which is FOR SALE HERE) got some recognition down at Elmia. Its really a bad-ass car which IMO has looks, performance and tons of useability. I have a secret goal right now as soon as this car is sold, I’ll make sure to post news on that in this blog. 🙂


Anyway, checked the stats for visitors here. Really been an awesome feedback, and I havent even gotten started on advertizing us that much yet. And as you know it takes a while for word to spread, but make sure to tell all your friends about our blog!


Looking at an international perspective we have a lot of users from the very small countries of Tonga and Niue (which I’ve never even heard of before?!) Its actually funny the frequent readers from there excel those of for example Norway and other Scandinavian countries! 😀


Please feel free to post comments how it comes you found your way here, that goes to ALL our international readers…

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