TEASER: Toyota Aristo VIP JZS161 photoshoot with JalleGraphics!

Today we were out and had a good ol’ photoshoot with Mr. JALLEGRAPHICS who is part of the SUPERIOR SELECTED team, a very JDM Toyota Aristo JZS161 in a very classic autumn setting! We also had some time for some quick improvised pics in a few other enviroments, but Hjalmar put most of the effort into this one:



Got a feeling we are in for a really good one here, this is one of the best times of the year to take some really memorable photographs- but its a bit if a pain in the ass to make it happen. Weather is unpredictable and the lighting much the same. Not that I would know, I just enjoy these guys talent and hard work like we all should!


We pride ourselves in putting our own media out there, so hope you enjoy this as well- make sure to give JALLGRAPHICS ON FACEBOOK your ”Like” and we’ll make sure to update you when the entire shoot is published here in the Superior-blog!

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