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After taking a day off to heal the wounds after a night out, we bring you Ronnys  ( pictures from Gatebil Rudskogen. This is the final part although the sneaky guy did deliver one more which we will publish in the future as a ”bonus”. 😉

This part is all about action from the track and we really think there is no point to explain what we already know about what type of driving is done at the Gatebil events = reckless and with no mercy to the cars at all!

(The Alm brothers are well known ”Gatebil heroes” and bring something quite unique to the world of powerdrifting since they do it with permanent 4WD instead of the usual. And yes, like you can figure it out it means twice as much smoke as well- and at the same time twice as entertaining to watch!)

(And here is a typical view on how it can look at a busy moment in a turn at Rudskogen track. The anarchy that happens when you put so many extreme cars out at the same time is a sight to behold, but somehow there is a sense of awereness from everyone which makes it less chaotic then it should.)

(Kai Roger Bakken is also a big name with his Audi S1 replica that totally mad races in the ”Extreme series” and rarely finishes outside the Top 3. His healthy rivalery with TS-Racing and their Audi A3 is something to always look closer at, these guys never dissapoint when it comes to giving 100% to even but a 0,001 of a second = fearless and sickly entertaining!)

(Its quite possible the biggest draw to these events is that you get a enormously twised variety of cars being ran. Here we got a newrer generation BMW M3 which is treated just like any ”hacky” JDM-driftcar. Respect!)

(…and did we need to remind you about that twisted variety of cars running at Gatebil again?)


(This is how we started this gallery, and a suitable ending would be Kenneth Alm showing what I meant with that they truly make powerdrifing twice as entertaining with their 4WD madness. Hearing rumors about the S2 from them being for sale, so if you want to be a Gatebil Hero without spending endless amounts of time building the right car… ask at their FACEBOOK about it?)

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And there we go? We are always greatfull for the awesome work all our SUPERIOR SELECTED photographers do for us and hope you enjoy it just as much. Show your appreciation by liking Ronnys FACEBOOK as well, everyone likes a ”like”. 😉

Still plenty of material from FRANKFURT IAA 2011 to be released as soon as we can.

We are embracing autumn and going to work more with the video we got saved up after a long season; superlong checklist of what we have will be released in early October- going to be a busy winter! 😀

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