SELECTED GALLERY: D1GP Odaiba, Tokyo 2012 by REVOLT-IS (Edit:

As a new spice to the Superior-blog which is hideously slow these days due to so much behind the scenes work, we add our friend in Japan Seiji Ishikawa @ REVOLT-IS as a partner.

He frequently visits different meets in Japan as well as tuners directly, and continues to share his adventures with us.

To really put things in the limelight they deserve, we let our own SUPERIOR SELECTED pro Martin ”BILBILDER.SE” Persson give all his pics a little ”brush” to get the final presentation quality that they deserve!

This means we have something genuine JDM for our followers to bit on from time to time. And we will continuously post previews at OUR FACEBOOK before getting the whole gallery here in the Blog.

We are as mentioned in some major overhauls when it comes to the blog and media, so just enjoy it and continue to give us feedback and we’ll reward it many times over!

We are very grateful to be handed this material exclusively, and you can feel free to visit REVOLT-IS on Facebook to become a fan of Seijis different adventures.

Likewise we would like to flag BILBILDER.SE as another place to ”Like” if you like to see a professional photographers work on a daily basis…

[nggallery id=427]

There is no denial that the JDM Pro-drifters have builds in a class of their own, and you get astonished by every little participant. This years field looks sharper then ever, with the introduction of the new FT86 from Toyota/Subaru really making an impact on the series.

Really wish we could give you more background on each car, but if you FOLLOW OUR FACEBOOK we might give you some fun facts about each of these masterpieces there!

[nggallery id=428]

Do you have a personal favorite in the D1GP circus you would like to read more about?

Don’t be shy to comment below if there is anything catching your eye and extra curiosity!

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