RETUSCH: Another nice custom wallpaper, Phantom Supra vs GT-R!

Busy busy days right now and we’re way ahead on several levels when it comes to the plan for the blog to cater more to international readers. I think I’ll make it the last time I write this, but bare with us with the different language variety here in Swedish vs English. Doubt its much a problem for the Swedish regulars anyway, but we will solve this in the near future for all our readers… 😉

We got a quick Wallpaper from CARL-JOHAN KJELLBERG coming up which he surprised me with. Funnily enough, he asked ”did I go to far” and instantly a new category in the blog was born for us to work on. The idea is not revolutionary, but we’ve been quite conservative with Photoshopping pictures before; so maybe he was worried we got some sort of principle against it- the answer is no!

I think its needless to say that you need to click the picture to make it justice. Its our own Phantom Supra running a little roadrace at a track in the desert vs a Nissan GT-R. Its actually the currently 2nd fastest JDM-car in Sweden and Perra @ 23GT-R can be a proud owner of this P800-equipped GT-R!

Not sure the pic is perfect, but still something that overtook the previous wallpaper I had with the 2x GT-R Carl posted before. So thanks for sharing your work with us in the blog!

So what do you think, are you a purist that frowns upon ”PS’ed” pictures- or just like me who has an open mind about ”whatever tickles the mind = good in my book”! 🙂

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