Meeting with Polands #1 drifting-team: PUZ Valvoline!



I do hate to repeat myself over how much we have going on, and that is oddly enough mirroring in how sleepy the blog might be. Lets just say the invested energy right now will generate a lot for 2012.

You can always visit OUR FACEBOOK if you want the odd rumor here and there, but ultimately its here you will read about it all once we start making things official…

Anyway, as we mentioned recently in Swedish- the site has quitly been updated and posting blogs is much easier for me now.

This comes just a week or so before the holidays, so tried to mash in all important meets I felt were necessary to go through with before the year changes- and also managed to sneak away on a mini-vacation to Warsaw, Poland at the moment.

But one thing I can tell you is that we are meeting some hardcore drifters today in the PUZ VALVOLINE DRIFT TEAM.

They are the #1 team in Poland in a sport where reckless courage and genuine workmanship has made their product quite the talk around europe. The below film from a ”mountain drift” event clearly shows what I mean:



We will tell you more about these guys after the meet, we intend to get the best inside info on the Polish drifting-scene and possibly lay the first foundations of building a bridge across Sweden & Poland for not just the sport of drifting…

We’ll try and do shorter updates more frequently now, but also feel its not worth telling about stuff that are semi-finished. But the clear things… No problem, you got our word you will read about it here first and foremost! 🙂

2 tankar om “Meeting with Polands #1 drifting-team: PUZ Valvoline!

  1. Steffen says:

    Crazy Drifting from Poland, why am I not suprised 😉 They are surely a bit mental over there but I wonder if the people watching it by the side of the road are worse. You never ever never never never never stand on the outside of a corner if there isn’t a really good safetybarrier. Still awesome that they arrange something like this 🙂

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