GALLERY: Question #1 ”Gatebil is ALL IN”, which drivers/teams are in?

We are officially underway with editing the ”Gatebil is ALL IN” here at the media part of Superior, and we hope you are as excited as we about this upcoming movie that we did tease a bit about in the very end of the last one.


We sure did give it all we got in that release earlier this summer from Gatebil Mantorp 2011, as we tried to show you how wild these events are- but in all honesty… we did save a lot of material from something… crazy!



Can you count the number of cars in this rough cut pic? Yes, and not just any cars either… but there was more; and they were all out on the track alone at the same time while we used all our plus borrowed equipment to do something insane with it!



We will write more and more about what went down there, and the direction the movie itself will take. But this small (crappy quality) gallery gives you an idea on which cars/teams made the final cut. Still have around 50% of all the GoPro material to go through and David who is editing all this is working hard just with the evaluation process selecting the best clips…



I promise you much better pics that will be arranged by David instead of my limited capabilities in encoding these (sounds way more advanced then it actually is).


Its good to let the cat out of the bag officially now that minus degrees weather is sweeping across Scandinavia and other countries, so lets work toghether in keeping ourselves warm with the violent graphic nature of tires getting killed over and over again! 😀


[nggallery id=380]


Who is your favourite of this handsome little bunch? Are you missing someone you know was at Gatebil Mantorp 2011? If you are, there probably was a good reason they did not participate. I have to in my deepest most humble and lower then the ground itself kind of bow- thank all of you who signed up for this and let us shoot this material. Mega-thanks…!!!


I’ll do another gallery that is strictly from the GoPro action cameras that were on the cars, making sure every accident (!), blown tire (!) and ”damn that was close” (!) moment was caught.


Remember, this video was shot on a closed track with the best of the best, but still having said that disclaimer- I hope you will get a huge kick out of it for your own winter-driving! 😉

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