GALLERY: Screenshots from the ”Burnout competition” movie coming soon!

Many have asked, and many shall recieve! We did in usual fashion ”nerd it out” a little instead of what we promised would be to keep it simple, but now the movie from the Superior Meet 2011 ”Burnout competition” is nearly finished- and these are some screenshots to show you what you can expect!

I decided with some creative help from David Johansson who films and edits all the SUPERIOR MEDIA productions, that we would make a fun little ”online voting” thing out of this. Thats why you see we numbered all three candidates, and even colour coded them (for no reason)!

Hmm, looks like there is still some ”finishing touches” to be done to text etc- but iam fairly confident we will release this on monday morning and explain the rules on voting. Hell, maybe I’ll throw in some prizes to raffle out if there is popular demand for it. Would be fun to see some public opinions on which of these three boys did the best burnout. 😀

Hope you will be on your toes and make this a fun little event, remember to ADD US ON FACEBOOK if you havent already, there is a lot of stuff going on there as well; even if its here in the blog you will always see everything first and in its full flesh…

[nggallery id=387]

Iam kind of feeling biased here, but still extremely hard to pick a favourite. We sure did get three competitors who really meant business in saying goodbye to summer 2011 in the utmost smokey fashion; great job by all of them!

Keep an eye out here in the Blog, and thats not just for this cool movie- we got a few good SUPERIOR SELECTED quality galleries coming out every day here for the close future! 🙂

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