Features x3 coming: Hellflush Soarer, Time Attack RX-7 & Cobra V12!

One more post done in english to please all our new fans from OUR FACEBOOK (CLICK!) and also partners we have gathered in preparation to launching the site in the worldwide market in 2012!


 Sorry to our Swedes who still remain our top priority and no shame in mixing it up a bit confusingly right now, its all a matter of giving great media and doing the best of the current situation. 🙂


And speaking of doing our best, you bet we are trying our hardest despite the daily ”to do” list being gigantic now that we are going to the FRANKFURT IAA 2011 EXPO next week. Yet we still have a ton of material to write about from the mad weekends we’ve had recently.


Well, here is a futile attempt to tease you in a qualitative way on three features from our SUPERIOR SELECTED photographer Martin Persson (check out his FB-PAGE!)



We sure had a mixed bag from that day on Mantorp Park where JDM-monsters were running a Time Attack and our members of the Superior-family were there to enjoy it + special guests we’ve wanted to do a feature on for a long time.



So the pics you see grazing this post more or less gives you three small galleries of everything the Superior-blog is about; keeping an open mind and ”mixing it up” so its never a too dull or specific vibe to it. In the words of Swedish mealtime we really think thats the recipe we can proudly say is ”Good for you…”. 😉


Keeping it low-key today and going to ask you which one of these three you want to read about first.


You got 24 hours to vote and I promise to honour it before tomorrow afternoon, comment below!

5 tankar om “Features x3 coming: Hellflush Soarer, Time Attack RX-7 & Cobra V12!

  1. Hjalmar "JalleGraphics" says:

    I’d like to see more about the Soarer first. Mostly because it’s an unusual car. To my notice there aren’t many people building a track-car based on it.
    An second thing could be that I’ve seen the other two cars live allready…

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