Bilsport performance & custom motor show 2013 Album 1

The cars here at Elmia never cease to suprise us, hotrods, low riders, driftars, stance cars, bikes, race cars, supercars and the list goes on… They even got a Tank! Every year enthusiasts and companies get together to do one helluva show and they’ve pretty much pulled it off this year too. Cars from all over scandinavia have been on display since friday and we have been swarming to cover it all.

This e30 caught our attention imedidatly, those trumpets sticking out of the engine bay are way cool and the build quality is insane, we can’t wait to see this finished!

The Caddy isn’t all that popular of a chassi when stock, but dump it, stick a 1jz in it, chop the box and dayuuuuuuum it looks good!!!

we found this beached civic in the disco zone, suppose you can’t bring your friends to the party tho…

s13’s never dissapoint when done right and this was no exception! Just check out the wild screamerpipe and a double barrel on the side!

You can’t do a carshow and not bring the skylines, they are timeless heroes and will forever be told about in the history books.

This R34 GTR is done perfectly, we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Johan Halvarsson displayed his car with a blown 2jz, 900nm did that…

There are allways those who push the limit, but sometimes you push a little too far…

Seidoworks GT86 was introduced with a 4 day old grey wrap and its looking damn good sitting on some nice XXR’s with BC racing coilovers.

This ultima was so orange, you just couldn’t miss it, these cars are mental machines and we love them for what they are.

So simple, yet so good! This 190e was fitted with e36 damper towers to fit more agressive suspension for less cash.

Fiesta’s are becoming more and more popular as the new ones are looking very good, we must admit and it probably helps that Ken Block drives one.

Who said this show was all about cars ? check this 1930’s racecar style boat!

This huuuuuge dodge was so clean it looked like new, but we thought trucks were ment to be muddy and abused?

Simple, fitted and clean. This is the recipe for a stanced daily.

Challenging statement, is the extreme customizing becoming a old style in the world of today?

Very clean accord, stance is taking sweden by storm!

i’ll end this post here with this superclean NSX shown on the oijoij stand.

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