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SELECTED: Aston Martin Zagato concept & more @ Frankfurt IAA 2011!

We did save a real treat for you at the end, Aston Martin is one of the worlds best (all categories) car manufacturers- and you could tell why at FRANKFURT IAA 2011 with their big line-up of cars such as the Zagato concept which has blown the mind of any living man…


Martin BILBILBILDER.SE Persson who took these pictures and me both agreed that although hey did lack some imagination and all the vehicles were ”crammed” into their stall; it was still a really impressive sight. For myself being a huge One-77 fan it was awesome to see one in reality. Shame the colour was a bit… dodgy? 😉



(Agree or disagree with me on this one…? Colour is more suited for a Hyundai trying to be hip more then one of the most awesome cars ever built IMO.)



(Big problem here. You are a succesful billionaire and its friday night in Monaco, time to hit the casino and you open up your garage and face the two above cars… Which one would you choose?! Trust me, if I ever have problems like these the first thing I would do is to… blog about it for my trusty readers. 😉 )



(But keeping it real, here is a car most of could afford if we dived into a huge mortgage situation per month. Its called The Cygnet and is without shame actually a Toyota IQ that Aston Martin has totally revamped in the exterior and interior. Me and buddy SIR_PIERRE had a discussion a while ago about the ~40 000 Euro pricetag which he thought was insanely high. I was of a different opinion, take a fully loaded brand new IQ and let a tuner half as good as Aston Martin totally revamp it; think the bill and result would be anywhere close…?)


(Lets return to that problem of picking car again. I’ve decided. If the Zagato concept was parked with the rear facing me I would give it the nod. I think Martin found the cars perfect angle here, and all we can do is applaud him and most importantly Aston Martin + Italian designer Zagato for creating this masterpiece…)



(Final pic is a symbol of my own stupid hindsight. While we were in Seventh heaven for a few days there, I really regret not giving some cars a personal closer look. I have always been such a huge Aston Martin fan and these cars need to be given a closer inspection to be fully appreciated. Home now and seeing these detail pics… I feel a bit sad not to have done that…)


[nggallery id=375]


Actually just two mini-galleries remaining from all the bulky stuff Martin got from the expo, and its a sense of pride but plenty of relief we’ve published everything on THIS IMPRESSIVE LINK. Hope you’ve had a good time, even if its been a bit one-sided when we usually do very well ”mixing it up”. 🙂


Dont miss all the VIDEOCLIPS HERE to really match up with the SELECTED GALLLERIES that have invaded the blog recently.


Its going to be one of the most pleasurable things yet in my life to review our ”portfolio” and plan ahead for next season, many good things planned for 2012…

SELECTED: The women of Frankfurt IAA 2011 – ”Best of mixed”

This isnt really our thing, but walking around the expo and seeing all these beautiful women with the equally gorgeous cars paired up made it tough not to take that ”extra pic”. We know that FRANKFURT IAA 2011 is not only the home of the best cars, but the best women to showcase them as well. And we intend to prove it now!


No need for any blogging here, you’ll be the judge on what suited your taste and was worth spending a few extra seconds to look at. If you have to force an opinion out of me, I’ll say there was an Italian domination on what was… prettiest. Not saying more then that, Martin ”BILBILDER.SE” Perssons pictures will do the rest:


Alfa Romeo:









(I think in the end this is a pretty rare pic, as they were never dressed this casually during the expos more busier hours…?)





Alfa Romeo (again, for a damn good reason!):









[nggallery id=366]


We are a bit slowed down here by a change from PC to Mac, and that must sound incredibly silly but… No excuses, takes time to change platforms if you dont want to spend weeks of frustration instead. But this gallery is a little compensation for the lack of acticity recently. 😉


We know by now you cant possible have missed all the ”100 SECONDS OF…” VIDEOCLIPS we did from the expo, but we would love your feedback on them- even if you have to try very hard to give us pointers to work at = give a better product next time.


Dont be shy, fire away below!

VIDEO: 100 seconds of Aston Martin Zagato & One-77 @ Frankfurt IAA 2011!

Time to get busy again with our ”100 seconds of…” clips (Find them all HERE) from the FRANKFURT IAA 2011 EXPO, this time with the most noble of all british brands- Aston Martin! We got most of the Zagato concept, some V12 Vantage and also a tiny bit of One-77 in a special colour!

Oddly enough, I feel quite dissapointed at myself for not spending more time in this part of the expo. Never made a secret of that Aston Martin is a brand I did pull a lot of inspiration from on my current 700+HP Toyota Soarer project. But, forget about that and enjoy among my usual confusing english some damn good automaking… 😉


Frankfurt IAA Auto Expo 2011 – 100 seconds of Aston Martin from Superior Media on Vimeo.



How do you feel about the Zagato? Is it perfection in the making? And do you agree with that the colour of that One-77 could possibly be the worst one to pick for such an astounding car?

Really looking forward to more feedback on these clips, don’t be shy to comment below and take your time to check them ALL OUT HERE! 🙂

SUPERIOR SELECTED: Brief pictoral summary Frankfurt IAA Motor show 2011

Finally the officially first SUPERIOR SELECTED gallery of many to come from the FRANKFURT IAA MOTORSHOW 2011 event. This is just scratching the surface of this humongous expo which if not the biggest then easily one of them!

Martin BILBILDER.SE Persson is the man behind the camera, and while still working on getting the material sorted out- this is like I wrote a mixed bag to know whats coming. If you got any special requests, dont be shy to comment below and make sure to LIKE OUR FACEBOOK so you wont miss anything coming out here.

(Starting out with heavy hands, we got this MANSORY deamon of a car for you. This Ferrari 458 Italia has got any carbon bit you could ask for, and for those who feel ”there is never too much of it” I dare to say this is a real dreamcar. They had several of the worlds premium vehichles at their stand and did everything in black and white which was quite sexy. But why do I get the feeling the JDM tuning-scene knew about the goodness of this like 10 years ago already…?)

(There were dozens of world premieres going on all the time, and we gave up after the third or fourth one eventhough some were quite a show to witness. This is from Subarus stand unveiling their new Subaru XV they call a ”compact SUV”. To be honest comparing this presentation with something the bigger brands had made it look quite… simple. But I’ll never forget Martins reenactment of it later on our hotel, with perfection capturing the moment by crossing two socks over a shoe… Oh you had to be there to get it.)

(We’ll have a lot more from the Aston Martin stand as well, which was somehow a dissapointment lacking totally in flair and cars just ”mashed in” together. How can you feel otherwise when I actually had to take my second lap of this place to spot the One-77 they had brought along? Since its one of my personal dreamcars I took a real close look and confirmed what I suspected; this car doesnt look nearly as much of a supercar on pics as in person. The lines are just ”too perfect” to understand how wide and mean it really is from just a picture. What do you feel about the colour?)

(There were plenty of good-looking women at the expo, and the common theme was that the classiest had Italian heritage. Naturally stands like Alfa Romeos were very popular to revisit during the day…)

(Just like you can imagine, the amount of ”design concepts” being shown was almost silly. Some were just plain unnecessary as if the ”if you dont have anything good to say, don’t say it at all”. Its afterall a matter of showing what the engineers in more playful and without boundries are coming up with within the brand, not a type of gimmick you must have at a large expo. With that being stated, how do you feel about this Chevrolet concept?)

(Although far from being a combination of an expo which also includes motorsport, Audi were busy showing their new Audi A5 DTM coming this season. Some brands brought their ”big dawgs” in different racing classes with them as well, but it was honestly far from a priority- and they were more or less treated less then ”icing on the cake”. This was actually outside of the huge built from scratch hall Audi had, proving that statement. More from inside there coming…!)

(Something we wont try and keep secret is that we really liked the Lamborghini stand at Frankfurt. A lot. Immensly even! Having two Aventador and the brand new limited edition Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale gave plenty to look at. I do know something the people did not like to look at was Martins back when we got a special moment inside the closed barriers surrounding it = you know we got gooood pics coming up.)

(The Superior Team which gives me a super occasion to individually thanking them one by one. From the left: Martin Persson (FACEBOOK) who was my partner all days, never afraid of some hard work and to give brutally honest opinions in decision-making. Pierre Ingelsgård who with his enthusiasm and knowledge lightyears ahead of my own in the ”connoiseur” type of cars was a very valuable addition to the team, be sure to read his OTHER BLOG to know more about the charachter this dude is. And finally to my own left we got Rani ”RANISFOTO.SE” Giliana who is like a younger Martin in the making, both in skills and charachter. Never ever a single whine and positive attitude to always give it his best contributing to the team. Thanks to all of you!)

Hope you enjoyed this, and dont be afraid to drop of a few comments below if there is anything you want to ask us. Being down there in Frankfurt was honestly a car enthusiasts slice of heaven; so we really want to share with each and every one of you. Dont be shy to give requests!

[nggallery id=356]

Still just a small sample gallery, and lists are still being made on what to blog about from the expo. I think we will start to get seriously busy in around a day or two, but we also hope some SUPERIOR MEDIA ”100 second of…” clips will drop in the blog regularly.

You can expect tons of stuff coming, so really hope you have bookmarked THE BLOG and have ”liked” us on OUR FACEBOOK so you never miss anything. 🙂

Feel free to share the above links, got someone who likes cars and the lifestyle around them- pass it on to let more people know about us and the media we post for your enjoyment!

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